20200626 Results of SX Flat with New 4D

Comparison of Old 4D and New 4D Flat

4D Wavefronts

Flat measurements
  • 20190328 Old 4D
    • 42 nm rms
  • 20200629 New 4D
    • 47 nm rms

4D Images

Both the 4D and Surface maps for the Old and New 4D Flats appear to have the same shapes and features. Specifically the edge bumps from 9:00 to 11:00 are seen by both 4D imagers. Note, these bumps are due to multiple detached magnets around the outer edge of the shell.

  • flat_20190328_223732_d4.jpg:
  • new_flat_3_tt_4d.jpg:
    flat_20190328_223732_d4.jpg new_flat_3_tt_4d.jpg

  • flat_20190328_223732_surf.jpg:
  • new_flat_3_tt_surf.jpg:
    flat_20190328_223732_surf.jpg new_flat_3_tt_surf.jpg

-- DougMiller - 02 Jul 2020
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