20190505 Binocular OSCO and DX-ESM/SX-AO

Binocular OCSO

02:48 OCAM has noise. Power off OCAM and BCU2k. * When power back on then buffer error and OCAM did not configure

02:52 Power off SX WFS, stop/start, power On

03:19 OCAM started as Not Live. Cycled power on BCU2k, OCAM and OCAM2K process. No change

03:19 Will do OSCO on DX Only

03:32 Closed loop by Josh. 8.8 mag * 20190505_033147 * 033231 * 033330

03:35 SX WFS now Powered on. Will not turn on Chiller. Just try to close loop and then move on.

—+++ DX * 035343 * 035652

—+++ SX * 035957 * 040022 * 040039

04:01 Start other engineering tasks


09:07 SX OCAM Chilled

09:43 DX ESM Loop closed.
  • The star on the acquisition camear was maybe 3" to the left and down (~1mm on bayside) and was being vignetted. The bayside stages were at -19, -31. I move the Y bayside from -32 to -31 and the star was brighter (not vignetted) and near the hotspot.
  • Olga's offset tests
  • Didn't use SX because binocular script had ESM on SX too. Not ready

10:42 Binocular SX/AO, DX/ESM of M91 to compare AO to ESM field performance
  • SX AO Supervisor received the PresetAO but did nothing. Didn't timeout after ~10 minutes. Stopped WFS Arbitrator. PresetAO failed.

11:00 Sent PresetAO from AOS Command GUI.
  • Failed with baysidex timeout
  • Went to HW GUI and currents for x and y were ~2 Amps. Disabled both X and Y, enabled and tied to move both X and Y. Currents increaased to ~2 A but no motion. Also tried to move Z but not motion but curent ~ 2 Amps.
  • Stop using SX AO and create Critical IT.

11:18 DX AdSec go into failure. May have changed loop gains too fast

-- DougMiller - 05 May 2019
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