I took two sets of AO data with AO checkout closed loop.  The TN’s
are 20181110_0117?? and 011716.

  David ran the AO Checkout and the loop closed with no problems.
I had stopped and started the WUnit and then powered it on before he
started.  Again, with no problems.

  Could you put these numbers in the TWiki log?  Thanks.

  • Starting Enrico's program
  • Outgoing.cpp:493: IceUtil::Exception
    -13006 - Illegal command for state ManualAcquire
  • The stupid "Close Loop" problem from last night. Re-do Center Pupils, cancel that, then re-do Close Loop
  • 090358, 090415(offset), 090433, 090551
  • 091203, 091339, 092427
  • problems with LUCI and the humidity is rising, we might have to close.
  • Closed for humidity

-- GregoryTaylor - 10 Nov 2018
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