16 October 2018 KL Basis set with 20180829 data /w 400 modes (not 645 at on 20180926)

Plotting of KL fits

17:02 Plots
$ aoidl
IDL> @startup
IDL> image = readfits("/local/aomeas/adsec_calib/M2C/KL_v26/disturb/CmdDisturb_20181013_203216.fits", head)
IDL> restore, "/local/aomeas/adsec_calib/if_functions/20180829_mirmodes/adsec_save.sav", /v
IDL> loadct, 3
IDL> i=211
IDL> display, image[i,*], adsec_save.act_w_cl, /no_num, /SH, /sm

IDL> for i=200,3999 do begin display, image[i,*], adsec_save.act_w_cl, /no_num, /SH, TITLE=strtrim(string(i),2), /SM & wait, 0.5

-- DougMiller - 16 Oct 2018
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