DX Reconstructors

  • Waiting for scope.
  • Finally.
  • I put the actuator back in as I have a flat that possibly will allow light on the edge of the pupil
  • Starting a 400 mode, with the last 153 mode recon.
  • Disturb: 20181013_203216
  • Intmat: 20181014_184136
  • Recon: 184326
  • Unstable
  • Removing 376 again.
  • Intmat: 190332
  • Recon: 190509
  • Intmat: 190751
  • REcon: 190920
  • Lost the bulk of my log when the network crashed
  • In short, I put some actuators in the do not use list, in order to improve the flat, however, this did not help, so I removed them from the list.
  • 153 mode recon: 204322
  • 400 mode disturb: 204613
  • Intmat: 204659
  • Recon: 204834
  • Intmat: 205136
  • REcon: 205331
  • Intmat: 205951
  • Recon: 210148
  • 12 iteration intmat: 210905
  • REcon: 211445
  • Put the old, KL_v22 actuator list back in, KL_v26 looks like it won't work properly.
Folks, I don't have very good news.

Executive summary: I think that KL_v26 is bad and I recommend that LBTI use KL_v22 and the old "do not use" actuator list, which is currently installed.

Here is my reasoning: Although I was able to get a stable, 400 mode reconstructor after a lot of effort, more than there should have been. I was never able to recover all of the edge of the pupil. Screenshot-16-3 shows the best pupil that I could get. Ignore the horizontal gradient near the top, that is an artifact from the screen capture. Though this in itself doesn't say much about the KL basis, hear me out. Screenshot-16-2 shows the noisiest one of these plots that I have ever seen, again I thought it was just a noisy measurement until I saw the mode representations, screenshot-22*. There are bizarre and very strong artifacts seen by the WFS. I took a long series of IM data, to beat down the noise. What we see isn't noise. The lowest order modes are truly strange and unlike anything that I've ever seen before (Screenshot-22-4). In Screenshot-22-3, we see some strange artifacts in some of the low order modes (ripples in the center, where there shouldn't be). In the middle modes, there are strong ripples in the center of the mirror on modes where the center should be flat (modes that should only have power around the very edge), as well as modes that should have substantial power around the edge, but hardly any is visible (Screenshot 22-2 and 22-5). You can see all of the bizarre behavior in Screenshot-22 (there are more of the strange ripples in the highest modes, perhaps stronger than those in the middle modes). Again, the artifacts visible in most of the modes lead me to believe that this KL basis, KL_v26 is not going to work. Screenshot-16-3.png






Screenshot-22 is too big...

-- GregoryTaylor - 14 Oct 2018
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