SX X-stage configuration change

07:10 MST Start
  • Power on WUnit
  • At Horizon. Could not get SX X-stage to home at any orientation

07:30 Alessandro start working on WUnit

07:50 Configuration updated
  • Both SX X and Y stage proportional gain changed from 1000 to 2500. 2500 is the config values of X and Y stages on the DX side. The Z stages on both sides still have proportional gain of 1000
  • Testing

  • Homed stage ~ 8 times at rotator angle 230 (gravity pushing away from the x-homing)
  • All successful
  • No timeouts on x-stage motion (of course before we had VERY few timeouts with the FLAO system)
  • Both x and y stages achieve the requested position much quicker than before. I would also say the positioning error from the requested position is less than before (before ~20 um, now < 10 um on Bayside stage GUI)

08:25 Alessandro put cover back on WUnit box

  • Rotate instrument to 340
  • Homed stage ~ 3 times
  • All successful
  • No timeouts on motion

08:49 Alessandro install AGw cover

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