SX LUCI/AO Commissioning

06:45 Greg started up both systems
  • Check fastlink communication
    • Troubles with DX communication so Greg cycled power and w_stop/start and communication worked

07:20 First ACE Preset
  • 10.8 mag catalog
  • GCS found different stars. No AO Ref stars on DX but one on edge of CCD47
  • Canceled AcquireRefAO on FLAO GUI
  • Steve check pointing
  • Stop start GCS and PCS to make sure they are not in a funky state. See to be OK

07:42 Decide that Guide Star coordinates must be bad
  • Saw a bright AO Ref star go by on CCD47 when GCS was acquiring

07:45 ACE Preset
  • 11.13 mag catalog
  • No guide star on SX
  • Steve check pointing

07:50 LUCI GUI Not responding
  • restart LUCI SW
  • MOS Error, Dave fix it

08:18 ACE Preset
  • 11.13 mag catalog
  • 14.1 mag measured
  • Bin 3, 200 Hz
  • Optimize gain 1.94, 2.29, 2.0
  • Change to 1.94, 1.24, 1.20
  • Success

08:30 DX skip frame and open loop
  • Jochen insert pause
  • Greg re-close loop
  • LUCI resume
  • Looks like telescope moved before loop opened

08:44 Actuator 231 still have high current (-0.3)

10:00 Test the IIF->Control option "Ignore AO RIP"
  • This is by default set to "Guide"
    • When the AO loop opens, the guiding centroids are sent to PCS (they are not during AO closed loop because AO is "guiding")
    • Not what we want
    • We want the option that when the AO Loop opens that Guiding is NOT turned on (this pulls the star off tip of out pyramid)
  • Tried "Pause GCS". This turns on "Send Centroids" and "Send Zernikes"
    • Not what we want
  • Tried "ACTIVE". This was the same as "Pause GCS". This turns on "Send Centroids" and "Send Zernikes"
    • Not what we want
  • We need a "Nothing" option
    • In this case GCS state does not change when the AO Loop opens
    • Centroids not sent
    • Zernikes not sent

10:05 Write IT#6899 to request new IIF option

10:18 ACE Preset
  • 12.23 mag catalog
  • 14.3 mag measured

10:25 DX IIF show an "Offset Warning"
  • AO did not get a "ResumeAO" but IIF told LUCI to continue after offset
  • Greg manually sent "ResumeAO" from the AOS Command GUI
  • Steve write up IT#6898

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