SX On Sky, LUCI/AO Commissioning

1:01 David Open, Point, Collimate
  • wind 5-6 m/s

00:15 Greg Power on WUnits
  • Power on OK. All Stage homed on SX and DX
  • Test of Fastlink communication on both sides found correct communication
  • ready to go on-sky

01:01 David open, point, collimate
  • Done at 01:36

01:15-01:45 Obs2 running very slow
  • Stephen Hooper kill a bunch of processes
  • Many NX sessions running
  • Now much faster

01:36 Binocular ACE preset to AO815
  • 7.38 mag catalog
  • 8.1 mag seen on CCD39 (on both sides give same mag of 8.1)
  • seeing 0.84 smile

01:40 Loop Closed
  • Optimize Gain Stuck
WfsArbitrator_30812|DEB|       309|2017-10-29 01:40:48.473920|             MAIN > arbFunc optimizeGainInternal (, 'FLAOWFS', 'LUCIFER')
WfsArbitrator_30812|INF|       310|2017-10-29 01:40:48.474036|             MAIN > Starting gain optimization procedure
  • Not seen this before. May be because wfsarbitrator was started on a different terminal by Greg so Optimize gain could not display Optimize Gain plot.
  • Had to kill wfsarb
    • Caused communication problems
    • power off, on WUnit

01:54 w_stop, start

02:00 preset left to AO815 again
  • baysidex stage timeout
  • Move rotator to 341
  • Home X stage: OK

02:08 Preset to AO815, again again
  • Optimize gain work
  • Gopt work
  • NCPA applied

02:15 Loop Closed, all working

02:17 Telemetry Data
  • 021735, 021803, 021820, 021834

02:20 LUCI Preset to Gob Cluster
  • Preset OK
  • Failed during Optimize Gain. Skip Frame and then RIP
  • Problem was there were three stars close together choose as reference start. Made loop unstable
  • Had to power off/on Adsec

02:53 ACE Preset from LUCI
  • DX Failed with ICE Exception (known error, resend preset)

02:55 ACE Preset
  • Manually move bayside stages to same Ref star as DX
  • CCD39 looks the same at DX
  • Optimize Gain

03:05 Offset 0,0
  • Pupil shift, skip frame, RIP
  • power off, stop IDL, Fastdiagn, and restart
  • power on, Load, setFlatAO
  • ==> On offset 0,0 the bayside stages went back to preset position and move star off CCD39
  • tried to manually move again, but end up with coma, which looked like focus and closed loop runs away

03:30 Have David set pointing.
  • Find the SX pointing is off by 10\x94. Explains why SX choose different AO Reference star

03:36 LUCI ACE Preset to Globular Cluster
  • Problem with Center of star on pyramid.
    • First movement of bayside stages put single star near tip of Pyramid. This is the same star as DX used
    • Second movement of bayside stages (to improve position of star on pyramid) chose a near by cluster of three stars and moved stages there (DX Side did not do this. It stayed on single star)
    • With three stars close together and light from all three on Pyramid, loop is not stable
  • Could not fix this problem so not able to use SX on this field.
  • Move to next object.
  • Cluster AO Acquisition:

03: 57 LUCI Preset to M2 (Globular Cluster)
  • Loop Closed
  • Small Signal not seen by Gopt. Not clear why
  • Gopt not running
  • NCPA not applied
  • bin 3, 200 Hz
  • 45 elevation

04:20 See the SX and DX are using different reference stars: 14.1 mag no SX and 12.6 on DX
  • See also that GCS is guiding on different stars: 64000 count on SX, 24000 counts on DX
  • Guess that pointing is poor on one or both sides.
  • This field is only 13 degrees from previous field, where pointing was checked by David.
  • M2 Acquisition Image:

  • M2 Guider Image:

  • M2 CCD47 image:

04:23 Telemetry
  • 042312, 042846, 042905

04:20 Jochen see elongation in both LUCI1 and LUCI2 image. About the same amount in same direction
  • Called John so he could have a look at OVMS
  • SX 200 Hz
  • DX 400 Hz

04:43 Telemetry with CCD47 images
  • 044346 (ave 5 CD47), 044406 (1 CCD47), 044441 (10 CCD47)

05:10 John says "At 4:50 UT, the OVMS TT predictions look normal. Or even slightly better than normal."

  • We took some short images with LUCI and Passive Flexure off and AO Reference star and stars around it are nice and round. The elongated images were long exposures with Passive Flexure LUT turned on. Active Flexure (AFC) has nice round image. Looks like it is a problem with PFC LUT or application of it.

05:13 Take long exposures (5 minutes) with PFC On and Off and now do not see the elongation.
  • 37 elevation

05:20 On Active Part of Preset had > 10 microns of coma. Why.
  • David had set pointing on a bright star near hear just before this preset
  • Took 10 iterations to collimate, 556 to 566.
  • Why so much coma?
  • wfsc_556:

05:33 Get RunAO

05:37 Complete. Bin 4, 200 Hz
  • 053936, 054045,

05:50 Failed offset on DX Caused the telescope not to offset but SX Stages had moved.
  • move bayside staged but GCS was guiding so had a fight.
  • Loop skip frame, loop open

05:59 David cancel offset, preset stopped

06:00 LUCI Send New preset to both sides.
  • Manually set gains to 2.0, 1.0, 1.0 (values from last closure)

10:16 ACE Preset to Trapezium
  • Bin1, 990 Hz, 6.8 mag
  • Gopt On 0.27
  • NCPA On
  • 101609, 101812, 101912

12:50 Failure on Preset
  • Nearly at the end of script and it is getting light outside
  • Stop observing
  • Open Loop, Rest shell, power off WUnit.

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