7:58 Starting to test
  • Camera Setting
    • Set gain to 2
    • Set exp to 12
    • No saturation. low exp is better if vibrations

8:00 Set Mask (upper icon bar)
  • Can Read from disk to see if pupil is the same size
  • Clear
  • click circle
    • Stretch to cover outside
    • drop down menu, choose Outside Mask
  • click Circle
    • Stretch to cover inside hole
    • drop down menu, choose Inside Mask
  • click Circle
    • Stretch to cover Mouse hole
    • drop down menu, choose Inside Mask
  • From File menu on top of window "Save configuration as"
    • Put in /d/4d/...?

8:30 InterferometerCtrl Process not running
  • Xianyu tried to recompile
    • Missing a couple libraries
  • Try newly compiled version $ADOPT_ROOT/bin/InterferometerCtrl
    • Get segmentation fault

3:47 After much work but Xianyu and Runa, the InterferometerCtrl process is now working and we were able to test the trigger line. It works. All the hardware has been tested and the 4D aligned. We are planning on getting a good interferogram with the clean M3 this afternoon (once the telescope moves to Zenith) to confirm that all is good. We will travel back to Tucson either this evening or tomorrow.

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