DX Table Creation with ARGOS CalUnit

05:52 Closed Loop
  • Optimize Gain failed when setting all: HO2 was too high and got striping. Failed when ramping through HO2
  • Gain 0.95, 0.45, 0.15 manually

06:00 Create table_LUCIFER_ACE-AO.txt file

Test Commands from TCS/AOS

Test new table_LUCIFER_ACE-AO.txt file

06:33 PresetAO
  • PresetAO with 0,0,8,0 Success
  • Star is not on Pyramid
  • Move Hexapod to put on HotSpot -2.4, -3.75, 0.89, 87, -117
  • PresetAO with 0,0,8,0 Success
  • Star on the peak of the Pyramid

06:42 AcquireRefAO
  • failed: trying to load Rec_20150128_012542.fits Old Table
  • Stop/Start WFSARB

06:44 PresetAO Success

06:46 RunAO
  • Failed with same error trying to load Rec
  • I created table_LUCIFER but need table_RETROREF
  • Failed
  • Stop/Start WFSARB
  • Now loads Recon
  • Fails on Opt Gain. When setting "All" get safe skip from HO2 gain

07:12 Modify autogain.conf
  • Set bin1_ratio from 0.2 to 0.1
  • Optimize gain for no seeing fails in HO2
  • Optimize gain succeeds for 0.4" seeing

Bin 1 and 2 tests are successful.

09:05 While testing bin 3 PresetAO and AcquireRefAO the Slope Computer stopped sending slope to the Switch BCU. A stop/start of the BCU interface and Slope computer ctrl processes solve the problem.
  • Submitted IT#6278

09:10 Also had the fsm_power_on() request fail IT#6671

Bin 3 failed in Optimize gain twice. Not sure why. At least the reconstructors are OK
  • Oh, no seeing so trouble with opt gain

Bin 4 works fine.

11:00 Created and tested table_LUCIFER_ACE-AO.badseeing.txt table
  • All good

11:30 Create and tested table_LUCIFER_TTM-AO.txt table
  • All good

All setup files needed for ACE-AO and TTM are ready

11:41 End of Testing

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