DX Performance Testing

  • Waiting for telescope
  • Problems with the Fastlink, neither side is functional.
  • Also can't find the internal source.
  • On DX
  • FocalStation_null string null:0,0
    #FocalStation_bentGregorianFront string,1
    #FocalStation_bentGregorianCenter string,3
    #Changed because of fiber swap.
    FocalStation_bentGregorianFront string,3
    FocalStation_bentGregorianCenter string,1
    FocalStation_bentGregorianBack string dx-lgsw:8050,2
    FocalStation_bentGregorianBack string,2 #change for LN
  • On SX
  • FocalStation_null string null:0,0
    #FocalStation_bentGregorianFront string wfssx:8050,2
    #FocalStation_bentGregorianFront string,2
    #FocalStation_bentGregorianCenter string,3
    #Changed because of Fiber Swap
    FocalStation_bentGregorianFront string,3
    FocalStation_bentGregorianCenter string,2
    FocalStation_bentGregorianBack string argos-sx-lgsw:8050,1
    FocalStation_bentGregorianBack string,1
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