Hexapod values

-1.6 -4.18 0.5555 155.6 -63.3

GOPT is not working

Data files are being saved correctly as shown od_gopt log.

GOPT log showing a division by zero.

Generated c2m matrix, no change.

AO> a= getaoelab('20161212_195426')

AO> help, (a->control())->c2m()

Did a tail on od_gopt.stdout and found the following errors, indicating that the system is looking for a file with the wrong date. (the direcory 20161122 doesn't exist):

[AOeng2@flao-dxwfs tmp]$ tail -F od_gopt.stdout

FITSIO status = 105: couldn't create the named file
failed to create new file (already exists?):

FITSIO status = 104: could not open the named file
failed to find or open the following file: (ffopen)

There is also the following clue at the end of gopt.stdout

--/hom% AOMULTITON_ELAB::GETOBJ: Getting tracknum 20161209_250000
% AOADSEC_STATUS::INIT: Cannot find adsec_status file:
0/adsec.sav. adsec_status object not available!
% AOELAB::INIT: Warning: adsec_status object not available!
% AOPUPILS::INIT: File not found:/home/argos/aomeas/wfs_calib_W2/ccd39/LUTs/bin
% AOELAB::INIT: Warning: control object not available!
% AOELAB::INIT: Control info not available: Reconstructor object not
% AOELAB::INIT: Control info not available: Interaction Matrix object not
% AOELAB::INIT: Unknown modal basis: mode shapes not initialized...
% AOMODES::INIT: WF object not available
% AOCOMMANDS::INIT: /home/argos/aomeas/adsec_data/20161209/Data_20161209_250000
/Commands_20161209_250000.fits not found
% AOMODALPOSITIONS::INIT: WF object not available
% AOFRAMES::INIT: Cannot find frames file:
% Unable to invoke method on NULL object reference: <OBJREF (<NullObject>)>.
% Execution halted at: DEMOD4OPTICALGAIN 35
% $MAIN$
Saved 2000 frames at 497.00 Hz
Save completed
Warning: Required keywords missing when trying to read HDU #1.
BITPIX not found where expected
There may be extra bytes after the last HDU or the file is corrupted.
Done waiting
IDL variable undefined 'result'

17:30 ish

Removed adc1 and adc2 from processList.conf

removed extra ')' from /home/AOeng2/aoroot/idl/wfs_lib/demod4opticalgain.pro


This ADC removal strategy didn't work.



GOPT FIXED, though.

-- %USERSIG{GregoryTaylor - 2016-12-13}%
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