SX AO Commissioning

08:54 Waiting for the telescope. The right front brake is stuck and the crew is trying to rectify the situation. We should have the telescope at 09:30.

09:41 Communication check successuful. Beginning with collimation.

We will be using "Bad Seeing Mode" for all observations (this only matters in BIN 1) as it is MUCH more stable.

09:48 Starting Preset

Sat Oct 22 09:53:38.335 2016 aos.AcquireRef{FLAO}.failed - AcquireRef {FLAO}[304] - Camera lens centering did not converge after 180 seconds

The pupil position differences were not showing up in the CCD39 GUI.

Restarting that GUI seems to have helped, somehow.

Restarted preset, it worked fine.

The FLAO GUI has this message, even when working fine.

Outgoing.cpp:493: IceUtil::Exception

Outgoing.cpp:493: IceUtil::Exception

Outgoing.cpp:493: IceUtil::Exception

Outgoing.cpp:493: IceUtil::Exception

10:06 Seeing is V-good. Everything seems to be running smoothly.

10:18 Re-doing the preset, Jochen wanted a different set of offsets for his object.

Sat Oct 22 10:21:07.222 2016 aos.Resume{FLAO}.failed - Resume{FLAO}[299] - [AOException] ResumeAo: WARNING - adsecarb:Illegal command for state AOPause (ResumeAo Ao)

I think the Adsec Arbitrator died exactly at the wrong time.

11:08 I had an issue with GOPT, I think that we got around it. We have been running smoothly for the last little while.

OBS1 needs to be rebooted.

The loop opened.

adsecarb.L |WAR| 539|2016-10-22 11:17:54.990053| MAIN > Skip frame detected!
adsecarb.L |WAR| 540|2016-10-22 11:17:56.162214| MAIN > Skip frame detected!
adsecarb.L |WAR| 541|2016-10-22 11:17:57.990133| MAIN > Skip frame detected!

AOARB.L |DEB| 418|2016-10-22 11:17:10.945667| MAIN > Status after command: LoopClosed
AOARB.L |ERR| 419|2016-10-22 11:18:07.030307| MAIN > Alert from AdSec [177] - SkipFrame

Sat Oct 22 11:18:29.856 2016 aos.Pause{FLAO}.failed - Pause{FLAO}[299] - Illegal command for state AOArbitrator.Ready

Maybe the telescope stopped tracking. There was a fire alarm due to the stupid humidifier (AGAIN!) so, air pressure probably ran out and the brakes were set. (my guess, based on the fact that they had to restart the air compressor)

12:02 Doing a pointing preset.

12:07 Doing a preset on a bright star in the trapezium.

There was a slight error, but we will do it again. There might have been a pointing error.

12:19 Error rectified, the star was on the very edge of the patrol field, so we found a new off-axis star.

AOARB.L |ERR| 596|2016-10-22 12:39:49.815286| MAIN > [AOException] RETRY: Star not found - loop still paused (-20002) WFSARB_STAR_WRONGFLUX

(What the bloody does that mean) I messed with the filter during the preset because I thought the star was too bright. This must be the result.

AOARB.L |INF| 736|2016-10-22 13:04:56.465881| MAIN > Request: Pause()
AOARB.L |INF| 737|2016-10-22 13:04:56.987384| MAIN > ... 1 equal lines suppressed
AOARB.L |ERR| 738|2016-10-22 13:04:56.987443| MAIN > Alert from AdSec [177] - SkipFrame

13:06 It's too bright now, the loop has opened.

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