DX Transformation Collection

02:42 Start DX WUnit

02:55 ACE Preset to AO727
  • RunAO
  • Failed: Camera Lens was not moving
  • If I move it manually, the pupils do not move on the CCD39
  • Camera Lens controller log says change of position, but pupils do not move
  • requested and current position are the same on camera Lens GUI
  • Cycled power on Camera Lens. Pupils moved up and left when off, back to near center
  • No motion of pupil when moved manually
  • stop/started Camera Lens Controller
  • No motion of pupil when moved manually
  • Only error I found the might be related is:
mirrorctrl.R       |ERR|       170|2016-10-02 04:10:09.039193|             MAIN > ******** FAILED PACKET FROM BCU 1 *******
mirrorctrl.R       |ERR|       171|2016-10-02 04:10:09.039292| BCUCOMMANDHANDLE > BcuCommandHandler::handleBcuReply: REQUEST COMPLETED but FAILED :-(
mirrorctrl.R       |ERR|       172|2016-10-02 04:10:09.039470| BCUCOMMANDHANDLE > Client timed-out: impossible to attach to the shared memory !
mirrorctrl.R       |ERR|       173|2016-10-02 04:10:09.039501| BCUCOMMANDHANDLE > BcuCommandHandler::handleBcuRequest: REQUEST FAILED

03:16 w_stop/w_start

03:25 Authorize LBTI on left

03:40 ACE Preset

03:47 Camera lens does not work

04:00 Switch to CentOS 7 version on DX.

04:30 Cannot power on WUnit with Cent OS 7.
  • Stop when waiting form network connection (right box)
pyarg              |INF|        45|2016-10-02 04:32:06.904083|             MAIN > Waiting for network connection
pyarg              |INF|        46|2016-10-02 04:32:06.904103|             MAIN > setup unit W#2
pyarg              |INF|        47|2016-10-02 04:32:06.904136|             MAIN > Waiting for network connection (left box)
pyarg              |INF|        48|2016-10-02 04:32:06.904675|             MAIN > Turning on ps3
pyarg              |INF|        49|2016-10-02 04:32:06.936428|             MAIN > Waiting for network connection (right box)

04:40 Go back to DX Cent OS 5.5
  • Powered on the DX WUnit with no problems.

04:42 ACE Preset
  • DX Rotator fault
  • Geno required to manually reset the Rotator in URTH
  • Bypass this and handover to LBTI
  • May ask for time back after midnight if Alfio is online.

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