DX OS7 Tests

Source Mag 15.9

Copied hexa_spiral.pro from centOS 5 DX AdSec Machine

DX Hexapod Values: -6.46 -5.755 0.97 -129.4 -11.45

Bayside Stages -77 -45.5 55.7

05:02 UT

GUIs viewed from home via "No Machine":

They seem usable. Sometimes the CCD47 or CCD39 gui will slow down momentarily, but then it will catch up. I think it could be my connection, but I'm not sure.

05:09 UT

Tried to run guis directly from my desktop. They were extremely slow, just like they were before we fixed the environment settings. Maybe the settings on my computer are wrong?

I tried CentOS 5 on SX in the same way, it was faster by maybe 2X.

Both tests were conducted while "No Machine" was still running, so my bandwidth was limited.


Tried to save Optical Loop Data. Had an unknown error. Xianyu is looking into it.


Have been unable to make any progress. We may be nearly done for the night.

08:05 UT

GOPT gui: I cannot change any of the parameters, ie the number of frames, etc.

Optical loop data:



GOPT gui says suspended because loop is not closed.


Things still proceeding smoothly, waiting on alfio for input regarding GOPT gui issues.


Finished for the night, we need a brighter source to test NCPA and GOPT properly.

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