SX NCPA Measurements

07:38 pm Getting Started

LUCI1 Rotator 30 Degrees

Mode 4: -34.7, Default = -13


Leg 4 of hexapod stuck, looks like it will take a while to fix.


Doing some bayside stage homing checks.

It homed properly the the first try at 341 degrees.

It homed properly the first try at 120 degrees.

Upon moving the stage to the nominal observation point, the current stays above 1A for close to 1 min. This seems to be the case at all angles.

Yesterday, there was a Z stage timeout during loading of the board setup. The stage stuck at 54.64, when it wanted to be at 54.60. I moved it to 54.4 and then back to 54.60 successfully.

-- %USERSIG{GregoryTaylor - 2016-04-14}%


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