Daytime tests and nighttime AO/LUCI commissioning

09:45 AO system setup and running.

09:55 Send PresetAO from AOSGUI three times and WFS Arbitrator dies immediately.
  • WFS Arb gets request WfsArbScripts.updateNcpa(self, .....) and dies immediately. No other output
  • Stopped and Started AOS left. No change

10:04 Close the loop manually. No Problems

10:56 CCD39 fail while reconfiguring during acquireRefAO
===> Error in irc_acquirerefao
        err = Resmsg[0]  = AcquireRefAO result status: Error
        err = Resmsg[1]  = AcquireRef{FLAO}[14] - RETRY: Error in acquire ref: Reading shared buffer masterdiagnostic.L:OPTLOOPBUF - code: -5001 TIMEOUT_ERROR (-1000) GENERIC_SYS_ERROR

11:05 Bin 1 PresetAO, AcquireRefAO, StartAO from IIF all succeed. Loop Closed

11:10 Gopt works. Normal

11:20 Get three more failures of AcquireRefAO with baysidex timeout.
  • currents are high on x
  • Stages clicked
  • Control always active clicked
    • if click off during bayside x, y movement then current goes down and success

11:29 Getting output in the terminal where started wrfseng
[flao@wfssx ~]$ M2C name: /home/flao/TEST//calib//adsec/current/M2C/KL_v20/m2c.fits
M2C name: /home/flao/TEST//calib//adsec/current/M2C/KL_v20/m2c.fits
M2C name: /home/flao/TEST//calib//adsec/current/M2C/KL_v20/m2c.fits
M2C name: /home/flao/TEST//calib//adsec/current/M2C/KL_v20/m2c.fits
M2C name: /home/flao/TEST//calib//adsec/current/M2C/KL_v20/m2c.fits

11:33 Change source to 11.4 mag
  • bin 2
  • PresetAO from AOSGUI
  • Preset, Acquire, Start all successful
  • Gopt work, normalize
  • Apply Z6 100 and see it on LUCI


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