SX FLAO Reconstructor measurements

People: Doug, Guido, Greg, Alfio (Florence)


Got started late because of telescope issues

Had trouble finding the return beam. Tracked down that the hexa_spiral() idl procedure was not working properly. Change from absolute hexapod requests to relative requests and it worked fine. Then quickly found the spot, adjusted coma and closed the loop

Loaded the vertical strip onto the AdSec. Contrast is not too good, so hopefully get advise from Alfio


All time in UT

03:45 Fire alarm on the mountain and HBS too cold problem delay installation of RR

04:00 Mike install cube in AGw1. Tip over and start installing RR brackets and RR

05:15 Power on SX WUnit

05:20 Restore board setup 08-Feb-16 W-Internal

05:28 RR installed and slew to Zenith

05:35 Stow Pins in, Up on Oil, Overhead light on, but lower lights on so contractors can see to get the the roof.

05:38 See internal source on Pyramid.
  • cube rotator = 92.37
  • cube stage = -1.0

05:41 Set SX AdSec

05:56 Move Stage to try to get rid of spot on top of pupils. No change. See image

  • SX internal source with spot on top of pupil:

05:59 Move cube rotator to 271.37 to see if pupils are better or worse.
  • pupil looks a bit worse so w 92.37 is correct angle for good side

06:02 Move cube rotator to 182.37

06:20 Set M2 to -1.37 -0.14 3.95 240 -208

06:20 Set M3 to FrontBentGregorian on OSS GUI
  • -1455 90 0 25.89

06:30 run hexa_spiral(500e-6, 15, /app)
  • No star found

07:07 Talked to Alfio. He made a few suggestions:
  • set filterwheel#1 to silver mirror
  • set filterwheel#2 to empty
  • set CCD47 to 4x4 binning
  • check that off-axis probe is out of the way

07:30 hexa_spiral(100e-5, 15, /app)
  • not move hexapod after about 3 step

08:00 Find that hexa_spiral is sending absolute positions and OSS is expecting relative
  • edited file /home/flao/TEST/idl/adsec_lib/adsec_utiliities/
  • changed hexmoveby(hmb+curpos) to hexmoveby(hmb)
  • works now
  • Quickly found spot, removed coma and closed the loop
  • need to install this changed into svn

10:15 Closed loop with 400 mode recon from last week 20160209_195514
  • people on the telescope, so a lot of T/T
  • data set 20160216_222030

  • Closed Loop Pupils:

  • Closed Loop Pupils:

10:42 best cube rot is 182.37

10:50 Final Hexapod positions
  • should install in focal station Retroref@lfbg conf file

11:00 put the vertical strip on the Adsec to check for best pupil lens position
  • not a very clear strip
  • what can we do to get better contrast?

  • Vertical Strip:

  • Final Hexapod Position:

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I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
CL_pupil_1.jpgjpg CL_pupil_1.jpg manage 24 K 16 Feb 2016 - 23:23 DougMiller Closed Loop Pupils
CL_pupil_2.jpgjpg CL_pupil_2.jpg manage 22 K 16 Feb 2016 - 23:24 DougMiller Closed Loop Pupils
hex_final.jpgjpg hex_final.jpg manage 149 K 16 Feb 2016 - 23:24 DougMiller Final Hexapod Position
pupil_internal_spot_on_top.jpgjpg pupil_internal_spot_on_top.jpg manage 29 K 16 Feb 2016 - 17:58 DougMiller SX internal source with spot on top of pupil
vert_strip.jpgjpg vert_strip.jpg manage 12 K 16 Feb 2016 - 23:24 DougMiller Vertical Strip
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