LUCI2/AO Commissioning 20150509 UT

Observers: DMiller, JHeidt, DThompson, Alex 1, Alex 2, Bjoern, TSargent, JChristou (Tucson)
Telescope Operator: SAllanson (LBTO)
AO Support: DMiller (LBTO)
Software Support: (Tucson)



02:38 Open

02:50 Active Optics struggling, ~1.5-2.0" seeing. Pinholes are filled

02:55 AdSec RIP. Actuator #19 jumped

03:22 PresetAO. Light on pyramid

03:29 runAO success.

03:33 Preset to same star. All ok, but in the middle of optimize gain, the elevation lost

03:43 AdSec RIP. No elevation from AOS. Steve restart AOSR. Seemed be other problem with elevation. Not updating on FACSUM. IT#5559

03:48 SetAO fail because IDL is not responding. I had restarted the AdSec SW because first, we lost elevation information from AOS and the shell RIPPED. We then did a "Set" and the setAO routine finished successfully, but the LoadFlat said executing on the AdSec Control GUI for 2 minutes. I checked the processes (adsc_check) and everything was running and connected to the MsgD. I stopped and started the AdSec Arb, and tried the LoadFlat again. Again, remained executing for 1minute. I then did an adsc_stop/start, power on, load program and set. All is well

04:40 PresetAO failed. BCU39 did not reset properly. Alfio found the slopecomputer process was down

04:50 Skip Frame Max during gain Opt. so loop open. Seeing up to 1.9"

04:59 RunAO failed because clouds go over and no light. But LUCI2 still sent offset after RunAO failed. Should stop, or pause until user say all is OK or stop
  • Sat May 9 04:59:37.837 2015 right RunAO alert for LUCIFER: AcquireRef{FLAO}[27] - dx:0 dy:0 slNull: f1:Filter #0 f2:Filter #1 freq:400 mag:12.608 nBins:2 nModes:100 r0:0 snMode:0 strehl:0 ttMod:3
  • Sat May 9 04:59:37.875 2015 right RunAO alert for LUCIFER: StartAO{FLAO}[28] - Safe skip active - cannot proceed (-10045) IDL_SAFE_SKIP_ACTIVE
  • Sat May 9 04:59:37.901 2015 right RunAO alert for LUCIFER: StartAO{FLAO}[28] - Safe skip active - cannot proceed (-10045) IDL_SAFE_SKIP_ACTIVE
  • Sat May 9 04:59:37.915 2015 right RunAO command failed from LUCIFER, type NORMAL, leftRePoint 0, rightRePoint 0
  • Sat May 9 04:59:38.141 2015 right Offset command started for LUCIFER
  • Sat May 9 04:59:39.415 2015 right Offset alert for LUCIFER: Pause{FLAO}[13] - AOARB:Illegal command for state Operational (Pause)
Sat May 9 04:59:39.443 2015 right Offset command failed for LUCIFER, Sound=offsetFailed.wav

05:20 Gain optimization procedure froze. Stuck for 10 minutes. Finally a skip frame, but the procedure did not stop. Had to stop/start WFS Arb. Then TCS had problems with communication IT#5559. Shell Ripped and recover fail.

05:35 Close due to Humidity

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