ARGOS Engineering at LBTO, March 19 to 22, 2013

Players: Jamison N., Jason L., Michael W., Michael L., Gustavo R.

Tuesday, March 19

  • Arrived at LBTO.
  • Jason arrived with the hardware for the Lower Landing and Ladders.
  • The Vertical Platform was mounted.
  • Finished mounting of the shroud on the DX LM2 unit in the morning.
  • Cleaning bad silicone that had been used to cover cracks. Put metallic tape on the bigger ones.
  • Mounted the DX LM2 unit on the back of the M2 hub.
  • It was required to rearrange M2 cooling lines to make it fit.
  • Concern about a couple of LM2 unit corners protruding beyond the M2 footprint: IR vignetting?

  • Testing the communication with the UEI unit (thermocouples readout):
    • Changed IP address of the ARGOS laptop to sudo ifconfig eth0
    • Applied Martin's fix for proper communication: sudo route add -net netmask dev eth0
    • Note: both commands are contained in a single script: fixnet
    • Unit successfully pinged. IP address is
    • Ran UEI server script: argos_start_uei_207_tempo_service
    • In another window, tried the GUI script: argos_start_uei_207_tempo_gui
    • Got error: variable REMOTE_NAME is missing.
    • Defined variable: export REMOTE_NAME=
    • Ran GUI script again, which failed with: exec niceQUI  "--NICEQUI_WINDOW_TITLE:String=\" Argos 0.0.1 [SVN: 1986]\"" "--REMOTE.SERVER.CONFIG:Endpoint=[NAME=, HOST=, PORT=10112]" ""niceQUI: Outgoing.cpp:424: Ice::ObjectNotExistException: object does not exist: identity: `' facet: operation: ice_isA
    • Sent request for help to Jose B. and Martin K.

Wednesday, March 20

  • Martin K. suggested to try export REMOTE_NAME=ARGOS_UEI_MONITOR_207. That solved the problem.
  • When testing the thermocouples connections (channels 1 to 16 in the GUI configuration), we realized that channels 13 to 16 are a copy of channel 12. Sent info to Martin K.

  • Jason installed successfully the Lower Landing.
  • I took measurements for the Cal Swing Arm Harbors, referred to the Vertical Platform in place. Sent info to Wolfgang with a warning about interference of the harbors with the installation/removal of the vertical platform.
  • Jamison and I fixed some issues on the SX LM2 unit (loose limit switch, foam on clamshell getting stuck on shroud brushes).

Wednesday, March 20

  • Jose B. sent a patch for the GUI that solved the problem of the repeated channels. Remaining thermocouples connections were successfully tested.

  • SX LM2 was mounted without problems by Jamison N., Michael W. and Michael L.
  • Jason L. did a test fit of the ladder going up from the Lower Landing.

-- GustavoRahmer - 20 Mar 2013
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