ARGOS Engineering at LBTO, December 3 to 6, 2012

Players: Jamison N., Matt R., Gustavo R.

Monday, December 03

  • Arrived at LBTO.
  • Jamison:
    • Sanded 0.030” off OD of SX-LM2 interface mount.
    • Replaced bolts at horizontal tie-off bar (required temporarily removing the horizontal platform).
  • Matt and I installed bumper bars to protect LM1 mirrors on both sides.

Tuesday, December 04

  • Finished installation of bumper bars. required some modifications for proper fitting.
  • Test fit of motor covers. Mods required.

Wednesday, December 05

  • Finished installation of motor covers.
  • Jamison installed thermocuples/acceleromteres connectors plates.
  • Matt secured the LAL covers.
  • DX LM1 motors test:

ACTIVITY: Moving the motors to their limits to check for potential interference with motor covers.
  • Motor controller and laptop on a roll cabinet (borrowed from Doghouse) on telescope floor.
  • Long yellow cables connected to DX LM1 motors.

Nominal Abs Encoder Positions:
  • A1: 13959
  • A2: 14098
  • A3: 12413

Upper limits / Lower limits:
  • A1: 24381 / 7760
  • A2: 22319 / 5842
  • A3: 20256 / 5737

* Only interference found: encoder cable pressed against A1 cover when A1 sent to lower limit (Abs 7764)

* Heard noise when moving A3 away from lower limit. No obvious reason found. Maybe due to cold motor and speed too high.

-- GustavoRahmer - 05 Dec 2012
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