ARGOS Engineering at LBTO, July 29 to August 2, 2012

Players: Hans G., Julian Z., Gustavo R.

Sunday, July 29

  • Arrived at LBTO with Mike W. and Peter Buschkamp (MPE)

Monday, July 30

  • Telescope was taken to horizon at 8:30 AM.
  • With Hans and Julian, removed DX CRE rack from telescope and turned around mounting points of internal units to have them face up when telescope is at zenith.
  • Added short hoses for cooling to avoid the need of opening the cooling box cover to connect cooling lines. SX side to be modified later.
  • Telescope back at zenith at ~12:30 PM
  • With Julian, connected Interlocks Distribution Box to end of cable that had been put in place from the telescope to Level 4 (next to Elevator acces door).
  • Connected warning lights module, spotters remote receiver and key interlock box. Tested OK.
  • Found out that the Junction Box mounted outside the DX side of the LSP platform is facing outwards, and therefore access is possible only standing on dynamic balance tank (when telescope at zenith). Will have to ask for the box to be mounted facing inwards. Also, the box is missing an opening for the outgoing cable.

Junction Box on LSP (shown in yellow), as seen from the platform:

Tuesday, July 31

  • Looked into alternatives for cable trays going from the LSP racks to the LBT C-ring extension cable trays towards the CRE racks. Options are: (a) under the platform, (b) above the platform, below the LLP platform.

Wednesday, August 1

  • Went through the potential locations of interlock modules with John Little. Agreed on:
    • Main Interlock Distribution Box: on Level 4, inside Electrical Room 405 (around the corner from the access door to chamber elevator). Note that the access door to this room is normally locked.
    • Keyed Interlock Box: on Level 4, outside Electrical Room 405.
    • Warning Lights Panel: on Level 4, above access door to chamber elevator.
    • Spotters Remote Receiver: on Level 5, front of the chamber. Exact location still to be confirmed by UA.
  • Schematic showing the locations: Interlock_Modules_Locations.pdf

-- GustavoRahmer - 31 Jul 2012
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