ARGOS Engineering at LBTO, June 25 to 28, 2012

Players: Hans G., Gustavo R., Mountain Crew.

Monday, June 25

  • DX CRE rack installed (telescope at horizon).
  • Required extra holes on lower mounting bracket (two out of three holes not reachable when mounted).
  • Door towards bottom of telescope opens fully. Door towards top of telescope interferes with cable trays. (On SX side, both doors open fully).

Tuesday, June 26

  • After realizing that modules inside rack face bottom of telescope (opposite case than SX), it is decided to plan for the turning of the units when possible, but this requires being able to fully open the opposite door to allow access.
  • On SX CRE rack, installed internal side plates to improve air circulation (already done on DX rack), and fan unit.

Wednesday, June 27

  • Requested installation of "temporary" 110VAC power to CRE racks. Robert O. to install extension cords from the corresponding upper tree-houses for easy access.
  • Checked that cooling unit is working OK on SX rack. DX rack still waiting for installation of cooling lines.

Thursday, June 28

  • Offending cable trays on DX side reallocated by Jay. Now both DX rack doors can open fully.
  • For later: dismount DX rack to turn the modules around. Can wait until Hans is back for potential LUCI work.
  • "Temporary" 110VAC power installed for both racks.

-- GustavoRahmer - 29 Jun 2012
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