UT 20130912 AO#2 dDX

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  • Awake up of the FLAO system on DX.
  • Hexapod alignment of the IRTC with the RR.
  • Cloudy, high humidity
  • Hand-over @ 4pm


The telescope is configured to work on the right side with the IRTC in the Right Front Bent Gregorian focus.

The Retro-Reflector is installed and it has not been reported any issue during the installation.

The guider probe is moved away (home position). Not issue.

The Py-WFS startup and setup without any problem. The internal alignment check has been successful and we can see the pupils illuminated by the internal source.

The ASM_DX was flat without any problem and during all the alignment process, the temperature and cooling flux have been stable.

The IRTC2 is connected remotely without any problem setting fields of view, filters or exposure times, the communication through the IRS is working. The connection to the IRTC through the IRS failed. Chris Biddick was called and he solve the problem. The IRS interface is working fine after that.

The hexapod can be controlled through the adsec script. The hexapod moves correctly.

The fastlink test failed and it is necessary to check the fibers at the AGW side and tree house. If the weather is still bad I can check this evening or the test of the fastlink can be done tomorrow morning.

The spot in the IRTC has been found and centred to the narrow field. The spot on the right was centred.

Hexapod position

x y z Rx Ry Rz
1.83 1.37 3.3 -328 226 0


Front BentGregorian
Tip Tilt piston SelAng
-407 679 0 -25.8337

Bayside Stage position:

Position has to refine when we have a better PSF.

x y z
-74.7 -49.8 40


Telescope in tracking. flower pot ON Stages ON

SUMMARY ------------------------------------ ccd39 - binning 1 Speed: 2500 kpix/sec - RON (ADU): 16.61 - RON (e-): 8.30 (estimated) Speed: 890 kpix/sec - RON (ADU): 11.03 - RON (e-): 5.51 (estimated) Speed: 400 kpix/sec - RON (ADU): 8.29 - RON (e-): 4.14 (estimated) > >>

SUMMARY ------------------------------------ ccd39 - binning 1 Speed: 2500 kpix/sec - RON (ADU): 16.50 - RON (e-): 8.25 (estimated) Speed: 890 kpix/sec - RON (ADU): 10.99 - RON (e-): 5.50 (estimated) Speed: 400 kpix/sec - RON (ADU): 7.94 - RON (e-): 3.97 (estimated)

Flower pot OFF Stages OFF

SUMMARY ------------------------------------ ccd39 - binning 1 Speed: 2500 kpix/sec - RON (ADU): 16.37 - RON (e-): 8.18 (estimated) Speed: 890 kpix/sec - RON (ADU): 10.96 - RON (e-): 5.48 (estimated) Speed: 400 kpix/sec - RON (ADU): 7.86 - RON (e-): 3.93 (estimated) > >>

SUMMARY ------------------------------------ ccd39 - binning 1 Speed: 2500 kpix/sec - RON (ADU): 16.34 - RON (e-): 8.17 (estimated) Speed: 890 kpix/sec - RON (ADU): 10.93 - RON (e-): 5.46 (estimated) Speed: 400 kpix/sec - RON (ADU): 7.86 - RON (e-): 3.93 (estimated) > >>

-- JuanGuerra - 12 Sep 2013
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