LUCI2/AO Commissioning 20150405 UT

Observers: DMiller, JChristou, AConrad, JHeidt, DThompson, AGerman, TSargent (Tucson)
Telescope Operator: GBechetti (LBTO)
AO Support: DMiller (Tucson)
Software Support: (Tucson)



03:00 Power on DX WFS: No problems

03:45 Preset ACE to 7.1 mag, WFS sees 10.1. Closed Loop success

04:15 Preset ACE to 7.1 mag, WFS sees 8.5. Closed Loop success

04:57 Loop Open as clouds block starlight

05:16 Go to 7th mag star and it is barely visible in the guider acquire mode

05:40 Preset ACE 8.73, WFS sees 15.2. Clouds roll in...

07:40 Clouds thin. Preset ACE to 7.14 mag, WFS sees 8.5. Cloud came over while OptimizeGain and got safe skips. Failed

08:10 Preset: failed in OptimizeGain as cloud came over

08:21 Preset to 8.2 mag, WFS sees 9.3 Failed because of clouds *2

08:35 Preset. Failed during Start AO as CCD39 turned off (not live) and did not turn back on
  • Stopped/started Slope computer, CCD39 controller, Change binning on HW GUI. CCD39 running now

09:00 Preset success 8.2 but see 9.3

09:16 Apply 100 the\n 200 nm of Z5 to NCPA, but could not see it on the pyramid. Not sure it is working or that we are using it correctly

09:18 Preset failed because reference star position sent in presetAO is out of bounds, by miles!

09:23 Send Preset from IDL. We will test NCPA and Patrol field boundaries

09:30 Closed loop. Turn on Gopt and apply 100 nm Z5. Seem to get more skip frames. Still could not see any change in WFS pupils.

09:35 loop open because of skip frames. May have been decrease SN because of cloud.

09:37 click PresetAO, AcquireRefAO and StartAO. When done, the IIF changed from preset type Guide to Active Ace, and AO loop from Open to Closed. Good!

09:45 iif_offset, 5, 0 works in closed loop

09:48 Start patrol field
  • 45,0 OK
  • 50, 0 slight vignetting. Loop not close. Took screen shots

09:55 Preset failed. Safe Skip. Clicked presetAO, AcquireRefAO and StartAO. Failed in Optimize gain with skip frame and maybe cloud.

10:19 Close loop manually and set gains to low values

10:19 patrol field
  • offset -45, 0
  • -50, 0 OK
  • -55, 0 OK
  • -60, 0 OK
  • -65, 0 OK
  • -70, 0 OK
  • -100, 0 OK
  • -110, 0 OK
  • -120, 0 OK
  • -130, 0 Error outside FOV can retry
  • -120, 0 failed, on TV the star moved to right but also up ( all the offsets were moving start to left) Manually moved the hotspot and pressed Resume
  • -125, 0, Failed, outside FOV,
  • -120, 0, moved star to left and up again. Failed. Manually aligned and Resume OK
  • -120, 0, Failed with star moving up
  • 0, 0 Moved WUnit probe but did not try to Resume the loop because, I think, the Preset had fallen back to ACTIVE. I maybe should have sent an iif_runao, TYPE=SKIPALL to get back to ACTIVE ACE. Manually moved stage and closed the loop
  • -120, 0 Failed with star to high but, again, did not try a Resume. Same a above.

10:50 Geno unwrap the Rotator.

10:58 Preset ACE. Failed because of clouds Closed loop

11:15 Preset and close loop manually

11:18 Offset -120, 0. Failed with error
  • msg = Resmsg[0] = OffsetPointing result status: Warning
  • msg = Resmsg[1] = Pause{FLAO}[37]
  • msg = Resmsg[2] = OffsetXY{FLAO}[270] - OffsetXY out of range (max is 36.00 mm)
  • msg = Resmsg[3] = guide star not stable in guide box

11:20 offset -60, 0 failed, star is too high

11:37 offset -45, 0 failed, star too high

11:40 preset to Titan. Al collect closed loop images at four positions. The seeing was bad (~1.6") and at 34 elevation

12:05 preset to 6.6 mag star from LUCI2. Gain optimization failed. Bad seeing ~1.9". Manually closed the loop.
  • Luci2 did not realize the AO loop was closed so when it was time for LUCI to send an offset it thought the loop was open so it sent a preset.
  • LUCI2 should/could request AO loop status from the DD
  • This is a situation we will probably encounter often (10% of the time) so LUCI should sense a recovery
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