This is the pump that is needed to vacuum the WfsCamera

List of devices of this kind

Name Serial Number Location
Wfs Camera Pump #1 1 ArgosCabinet3

Checking camera housing pressure and pumping it out

Reading the pressure
  • The software pressure measurement, found in the LGSW lab gui WFS camera tab, gives a first order estimate.
  • Switch on the gauge (on 'auto off') mounted on the pnCCD camera and read the pressure.
  • if the pressure is close to the software limit (~50mbar), you will need to pump.

Pumping the WfsCamera
  • Prerequisite: the WFS camera is in state 'StartedUp' (the Peltier controller should be off, and the CCD temperature should be >0C).
  • Look for the pump (ArgosCabinet0). You need the pump, the power cord, a long extension cord (most likely available at level 5) and the vacuum fittings that are stored in a small carton box with the pump.
  • Place the pump as close as possible to the pnCCD valve, the small platform behind the ARGOS WFS rack is a good location.
  • Connect the power and the vacuum tube from the pump to the pnCCD (make sure the connections are tight).
  • Start the pump and wait a few seconds (to have vacuum in the tube).
  • Open gently the camera vacuum valve and monitor in parallel the pressure (if the pressure were to rise, close the valve as fast as possible).
  • Once fully open, let the pump run for a couple of minutes to ensure an effective pressure <1mbar.
  • Gently close the valve.
  • Monitor the gauge pressure making sure it converges.
  • Stop the pump, disconnect all, and place the pump back in the proper storage (in ArgosCabinet0).
  • Don't forget to fill the respective twiki page of the respective camera: WfsCamera1 (SX) or WfsCamera2 (DX).

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