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A device in the ElectronicRackLgsw, composed by PcKontron, Sequencer, TemperatureController and PowerSupply

List of devices of this kind

Name Serial Number Location
WFS Camera Electronics Rack #1 1 MPE
WFS Camera Electronics Rack #2 2 LgswRack1
WFS Camera Electronics Rack #3 3 LgswRack2


attach and describe datasheets and documents

Installation and maintenance

describe what is needed to put a new device of this kind into operation state: configuration, firmware uploading, software modifications, ...

Kontron configuration

When changing a WfsCamera head, or using a different WfsCameraElectronicsRack, you need to reconfigure the PcKontron:
  1. Login to the PcKontron pc (the PnCCD cPCI computer):
     ssh pnccd@<IP> 
     pwd:  ARGOS_CCD
    where <IP> is the IP addess of the computer, either SX or DX Kontron board IP (see the ARGOS IP list).
  2. go to ~/src/wfs_camera/
  3. call
     ./ <PnCCDElectronicsTelescopeSide> <CameraHead> 
    . (e.g. ./ SX 2)
  4. Optional: in case you are replacing a PnCCD minicrate electronics (e.g. replacing the SX minicrate by the spare one), you may need to change the Kontron pc IP configuration (the spare one may have the DX IP, where you want it to have SX)
  5. Finally: Reboot the Kontron PC (from the ARGOS wfs_camera controller gui) for the change to take effect

DeviceTypeForm edit

Name WFS Camera Electronics Rack
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