Known history

When Where Who What
20130506 OAA JZ, GOX Delivered
20131011 OAA GOX Upgrade of the electronic panel on the external side
20140114 OAA MB, JZ, TM Removed from LgswUnitSx. Installed on LgswUnitDx
20140318 LBT GOX Pumping camera (>2hrs) installed on the WFS DX table
20140508 LBT GOX/LBTO Installation of pressure regulator incl filter, right after the suppy valve
20140509 LBT GOX Flush with N2, installation of permanent pressure gauge, pumping (~30min)
20150628 LBT GOX camera pump out (~20min)
20180210 LBT GR Pressure was 9.3 mbar. Pumped down to 0.6 mbar. Last reading was 0.76 mbar
20190815 LBT GR Sensor was shutting down immediately. Replaced battery (9V). Pressure was 34 mbar. Pumped down to 0.87 mbar. Last reading was 2.3 mbar.
20200306 LBT GR, CB Pressure was 9.0 mbar. Pumped for 15 minutes down to 0.57 mbar.
20210624 LBT GR Pressure was 23 mbar. Pumped for 30 minutes down to 0.89 mbar.

Known issues

When What
20130305 description of issue

Maintenance status

Pressure & Humidity

Note: the warning threshold for humidity is 1.3V and the error threshold 1.5V.

When Where Pressure from pressure gauge

Pressure camera sensor

(Voltage reading, converted in mbar)

Humidity raw value

(water cooling only, at -20C, max value when warming up)

20140509 LBT <1mbar (0.088V,<0.02mbar ) 0.9 camera pumped out
20141104 LBT 15mbar (0.1V,1.2mbar ) @-20C (1.14,1.05,1.249) This is fully acceptable since it does not trigger any warning or error
20150628 LBT 31mbar - - maintenance, camera pump down to ~1mbar
20151017 LBT 8.5mbar - - -
20150307 LBT 13mbar ~2.4mbar @ 10C - -
20161021 LBT 1 mbar     Pressure reading by TM
20180210 LBT 9.6 mbar - - Maintenance. Pumped down to 0.6 mbar
20190815 LBT 34 mbar - - Maintenance. Pumped down to 0.87 mbar. Replaced battery.
20200306 LBT 9.0 mbar - - Maintenance. Pumped for 15 minutes down to 0.57 mbar.
20210624 LBT 23 mbar ? 45% Maintenance. Pumped for 30 minutes down to 0.89 mbar.

List of components devices

DeviceInfoForm edit

Name WFS Camera #2
SerialNumber 2
Location LgswUnitDx
DeviceType WfsCamera
Service Tag
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