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Location The ARGOS storage area is locate at 3L.
Location The ARGOS cabinet #0 is located at 3U. There is a "LGSW" label on it
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Location The ARGOS cabinet #1 is located at 3U. There is a "Cabinet 1" label on it. It contains mainly Hans's and Matthias's stuffs...
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Location The ARGOS cabinet #2 is located at 3U.
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Location The ARGOS cabinet #3 is located at 3U.
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Location The ARGOS cabinet #4 is located at 3U.
Location The ARGOS Gustavo's cabinet is located at 3U, just on the left of the entrance door. There is a "Gustavo's cabinet" label on it.
List of ARGOS devices (by class) %SEARCH{ " ~ 'DeviceTypeForm'" type="query" excludetopic="*Template*" web="ARGOS" format=" * $formfiel...
System hardware The ArgosSystemDx is composed of: * the LgswSystemDx * the LasSystemDx * the LanSystemDx * the CalUnitSystemDx * the TipTiltSystemD...
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System hardware The ArgosSystemSx is composed of: * the LgswSystemSx (WFS system) * the LasSystemSx (Laser system) * the LanSystemSx (Launch system) *...
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Rationale We what to know the geometry between the ASM actuators indexes and the LGSW subapertures. This information have been used to build a syntetic IM between...
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Name Type Size Value Title text 200 DevicesInvolved select multi 3..30 , Tag text 80 FirstSeenOn date 30 Status ...
Is a goal of this topic Having a trace of every single occurred (or possibly occurred) bugs/failure in the hardware and/or software that is not fully understood ...
CAN # Description File 002s105b LBT coordinate system 002s105b_ __LBT_AO_Coordinate_System_Definition.pdf 650s003a LUCI focal station distances ...
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Commissioning run diaries Run 1st day Run ID Description 20111128 Run # 1 Nov 2011 Installation of dichroic interfaces 20130614 Run Installati...
List of components devices %SEARCH{ "fields name='Location' .value=''" type="query" web="ARGOS" header=" Device Serial Number " format=" $f...
Summary of AO loop calibrations for the ArgosSystemDx Table below resumes the latest combined reconstructors built and tested in daytime: Combination Tag Suba...
Name Type Size Values Tooltip message Attributes Name text 80 SerialNumber text 40 Location select 1 , MACA...
Name Type Size Values Name text 80
Tricks for calibration on sky * Loop Closed on a bright NGS star with FLAO only 36 modes to keep proper collimation * VibrationCompensation ON * Optimise...
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Full ARGOS Start up procedure This procedure describes how to start up ARGOS from scratch. After summer shutdown or a longer periode of non use the system might h...
Howto Acquire Frames With Patrol Camera At Full Speed Data acquired using tools in: argos@sx lgsw x64 $ pwd /home/argos/Downloads/AVTCam/AVT GigE SDK/bin pc/x64 ...
The following instructions apply if you are connecting from outside the telescope network. If you are at the telescope just follow HowToLogInAndConnectToVNC Logi...
There are 2 ways to perform a "coma free" pointing offset moving the AdSec hexapod: 1. using the TCS GUI 1. using the ARGOS terminal How to perform a point...
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How to Enable Day Time Mode in TCS Rationale When working in day time with the CalUnitSystem the TCS must be informed. If this is not done the TCS offloads the s...
Device ToDo Frequency month Last Done / Name Comments Full ARGOS system Close loop in daytime with image on LUCI 2 2019 12 04 SW/GR This is a ...
2016 03 10: This is a duplicated topic of HowToDoComaFreePointingOffset Main.LorenzoBusoni 04 Nov 2014
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How to Perform ARGOS AO Loop In Night Time This HowTo describs what to do to set up the ARGOS system for night time observation. The procedure should start with h...
There are 2 ways to remove coma by moving the AdSec hexapod: 1 using the ARGOS terminal 1 using TCS GUI How to remove coma using the ARGOS terminal i. O...
How to setup the ARGOS system to measure LUCI pointing offsets The principle is to measure the LUCI pointing shift during a full rotator rotation while in closed ...
How to shutdown and power off ARGOS properly At the end of a night or at the end of a day work shutdown ARGOS by: * Press button "Shutdown". * Daytime work...
How to Perform the Switch from Flao to ARGOS *This HowTo may evolve with SOUL upgrades and other AO upgrades. At this time applies to SOULless ARGOS operations. ...
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Description The DX LAN system.
Description The SX LAN system.
Description The DX LAS system is made of: 1) the laser box, 2) the electronic racks
Description The SX LAS system is made of: 1) the laser box, 2) the electronic racks
Rationale In each WFS the 3 laser beams follow indipendent path (or "channels") up to the detector. This means that several devices inside the LgswUnit are instal...
Description The DX Lgsw system. See LgswSystem
Description See LgswSystem for a generic description.
List of devices of this kind %SEARCH{ "fields name='DeviceType' .value=''" type="query" web="ARGOS" header=" Name Serial Number Location " ...
List of HowTo's topics %SEARCH{ "HowTo" topic="HowTo*" scope="topic" web="ARGOS" }%
Known history When Where Who What 20130215
Max Planck Institut fur Astronomie Wolfgang, Jose and Martin: refer to them for any software related question about LGSW and computer configuration and mainteinan...
Microgate srl is the company that produced the BCU. Contacts Web: Mario Andrighettoni Roberto Biasi
How to start i. Connect to the workstation i. Start argos_monit by executing the program for your workstation: host start up command dx lalas ar...
Known history When Where Who What 20130215
Summary of AO loop calibrations for the ArgosSystemSx Table below resumes the latest combined reconstructors built and tested in daytime, this table represents th...
Look in HowToGenerateSinusoidalDisturbance to generate new Sinusoidal Disturbance SX KL_v18 sinusoidal disturbance ID modes amplitude nm Loop Freq Hz ...
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Repository of technical notes * 100: Test of Prosilica/AVT GC1350 camera candidate as WFS patrol camera: .pdf, .doc * 101: PI S334.1SL test with Microgate H...
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Tomelleri srl is the company that produced most of mechanical parts of the LgswUnit, the LgswTable and the LgswDichroicSystem Contacts Web: Raf...
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Troubleshoot ARGOS Troubleshoot by states More recover procedures at: HowToRecoverArgos When Symptom What to do Notes Cold start PowerOn fails, sev...
Login credentials user host pwd hint argos argos dx easy one with numbers argos argos sx easy one with numbers argos dx lalas easy o...
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