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This wiki collects all the information related to the 2 ARGOS laser guide star systems.

It is written for the users and the engineers that have to operate and maintain the systems. You will find in this wiki all the informations about operating procedures, calibrations and configurations, maintenance and installation procedures. You will not find study and design documentation. You will find the commissioning diary.

There is a DX system and a SX system. Each of them is composed of:

Technical information

Follow the links below to explore the systems.

Right unit ArgosSystemDx
Left unit ArgosSystemSx

User Manuals and howto's

How to login see UsefulLoginInfo
Troubleshoot see TroubleShoot
Power up the ARGOS system see FullARGOSStartUpProcedure
Power up Single Side ARGOS system see Single Side Power Up
Get ready for daytime use see HowToPerformArgosAoLoopInDayTime
Get ready for night time use see HowToPerformArgosAoLoopInNightTime
Shutdown the system properly see HowToShutdownArgos
Switch from FLAO to ARGOS mid-night see HowToSwitchModes
Update ARGOS software see HowToUpdateTheArgosInstrumentSoftwareOnThe Workstations
ARGOS Maintenance list see HowToMaintainArgos
ARGOS Calibration see HowToPerformArgosCalibrations
Cold weather startup see Cold weather warning
  • Procedures related to a specific device (like installation, maintenance) should be described in the device's page: see ArgosDeviceList for the full list of devices.
  • List of all howtos


Start from here.

Daily Logs.

Use the link belo to access the daily logs, or just click here


List of Devices

Each WFS unit is made of devices (optics, mechanics, electronics, software) that must be configured, and replaced when broken.

Go to this page for the full list of devices.

Go to list of IP addresses.


Uploaded the latest WFS zemax dsign: twfs_v48.zmx


The spare are collected in an excel list. The link to the spreedshet is belo:


Argos fiber to Adsec Spec.


Every time the system get stuck or you got an error message that you don't understand don't look the other way and take a note in BugsSummary.

Technical notes and CAN docs

Go to this page for a list of technical notes about various aspect of the system.

Several CAN documents have been uploaded here for a quickier access.

Commissioning diary

Go to this page for the diary of commissioning

ARGOS Web Utilities

Wiki page QR code

QR code for https://wiki.lbto.org/bin/view/ARGOS/WebHome

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