Troubleshoot ARGOS

Troubleshoot by states

More recover procedures at: HowToRecoverArgos
When Symptom What to do Notes
Cold start PowerOn fails, several devices are still unreachable (e.g. the LGSW rack is off). The Remote Power Switch (in las lab GUI) is unresponsive HowToPowerCycleTheRemotePowerSwitch  
LGS acquired LGS acquisition is unstable. Sporadic, large oscillations of the LGSW image on the patrol cameras. HowToCheckVibrationCompensationAccelerometers  

When Where What Why Solution
With POWERING_UP SX back to UNKNOWN blue patrol camera does not connect when cold press again power_up
With POWERING_UP DX time out exception CCD is taking to long to cool down press OK, and in case it goes back to UNKNOWN press again POWER_UP
With POWERING_UP ANY time out exception various reasons press OK, press again POWER_UP
With POWERING_UP ANY ERROR 'None Type' object has no attributes 'event Power up' AArb is not connected with AOS enable AArb in AOS GUI
With ANY ANY Any ERROR with 'None Type' This is an indication, that connection to the database is lost, either TaN or AOS. For AOS, enable AArb in AOS GUI or restart ARGOS arbitrator.
With PREPARING ANY NOTICE: ...."Timeout waiting for slopecompctrl.R.CONFIG.CUR (-5001) TIMEOUT_ERROR".... FLAO slope computer error

Go FLAO "System process" GUI check and restart:

  • Slope computer Ctrl
  • CCD39 controller
  • Pupil check ccd39
With PREPARING ANY ... Error in key managment... Truth sensor process died. Go FLAO "System process" GUI: check and restart.

Troubleshoot by Device


Device What How to diagnose Solution
WfsCamera Is not switched on. In LGSW Lab GUI, 'WFS.PnCCDStatus' is 'Unknown', but camera is cold and everything in 'WFS.Debug Statuses' looks ok In 'WFS.Parameters Settings' click on "Power ON CCD"  
WfsCamera Fails at Power Up with "Cannot turn cooling on. Check statuses." In LGSW Lab GUI, WFS tab, check "Debug Statuses" tab. If any of the PSU Statuses is red, power off the cabinet for ~10 minutes (to ensure PSU is completely off). Power on and try again. IT#7960.
WFSCamera During power on the Arbitrator sows in "error state"

The PSU comminicating led in the GUI was red (Debug Statuses tab)

Message n the log:

2017-03-02 16:35:56.635241214 ^[[31mERROR^[[0m WfsCamera sx-lgsw:9781.7fb7d2db9700 nobody WfsCameraDriver.cpp:71 void argos::wfs_camera::WfsCameraDriver::logAndThrowBasdaWfsCameraException(const std::string&) [^[[1m[State] 'StartPnCCD()' ignored. Cannot turn cooling on. Check statuses.^[[0m]
Restart the kontron and start the pnCCD from the gui.

WFS Pupil motor

Device What How to diagnose Solution
WFS pupil motors Steppermotor.NSA12

The full stroke of the motor is about 1500 steps; so no matter what the starting point is, if you see a value of -2000 steps or less it means that the homing is not having success.


What How to diagnose Solution
Movements not as expected

LAT images,

log files of LM (~/log/?X.LAN.LM1.BASDARD.log or ?X.LAN.CONTROLLER.log),

check absolute encoder in argos_?x_lm1_tripod_gui !!never ever use another GUI for moving the LM1!!

Look into Zabbix screen "?X LM1 devices"



LAN controller GUI to set to nominal postion (only in state "Ready to Observe")

Tripod GUI to check absolute encoders and move LM1


What How to diagnose Solution
LAN fails to complete Power On Check if NI_BOX is reachable If NI_BOX is not reachable, go to the corresponding LLP cabinet and press the power switch (lower left of the unit) to the "STANDBY" position and then back to "ON". See IT#8411
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