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This is the Tip Tilt Unit that is made of:
  1. the TipTiltComputer a.k.a. Bonn unit
  2. the TipTiltIOSwitch a.k.a. Moxa N-port
  3. the APDModule

It is installed in the ElectronicRackLgsw

List of devices of this kind

Name Serial Number Location
Tip Tilt Unit #1 TTS1 LgswRack2
Tip Tilt Unit #2 TTS2 LgswRack1
Tip Tilt Unit #3 TTS3 ArgosCabinet3
Tip Tilt Unit #4 TTS4 ArgosCabinet3


bonn_tt_unit_specification_1_6.pdf : description of the Bonn TT unit aka TipTiltComputer.

658g035a-1_NGS_TT_lab_test.pdf : laboratory system characterization

DTS_SPCM-AQ4C.pdf : APD datasheet

Firmware database

  • tts_prom.mcs: PROM file version 3, fron Claus Connot 09-2014.

Installation and maintenance

Firmware update

Pre-requisite: you need a XILINX JTAG adapter, and have the XILINX program IMPACT install on a Windows distribution.

  1. connect the XILINK JTAG adapter to the JTAG connector inside the Bonn unit device (need to open the back side of the Bonn unit case), and the USB side to your PC.
  2. Start "IMPACT", in the programe, you should find the 2 devices:
    1. serial PROM
  3. For the first test download the tts_toplevel.bit file to the FPGA. The ice interface of the Bonn unit is providing you a function to ask for the FPGA version. That version should be "3" after download (in the case of the firmware from Sept. 2014).
  4. If everything works fine you can program the PROM with the "tts_prom.mcs" file. This makes the update permanent.

Software update of the Bonn unit ICE server

This describes how to update the software running on the Bonn unit PC, which is an ICE interface.
  1. in the repository argos_trunk/misc/tiptilt_unit/, do a make dist to generate a tar file with the needed source code ready to compile (including the tts folder).
  2. copy this tar file to the Bonn unit PC in ~/ice/, and untar this file
  3. compile it:
         make -f Makefile.cvs
  4. Update the init script in /etc/init.d to point the new binary file.

Power switches on the TipTiltUnit

On top of the "Postdam unit" (which encloses TipTiltIOSwitch and APDModule), there are three hard switches.

From left to right those are for:
  • TipTiltComputer power supply (local/remote),
  • APDModule power supply (local/remote),
  • APD reset (push switch).

For the TipTiltComputer and APDModule switch : top is "local", bottom is "remote". For practical purposes, "local" means "automatically on" when powering the TipTiltUnit.

APDModule should always be on "remote" (unless for very specific maintenance task).

The APD reset switch allows to reset the protective circuitry of the APD module after an overcurrent. This is normally done remotely by software, and in both case (remotely or by using the hardware switch) should be done with care on the light exposure of the APDs.

Remove a TipTiltUnit from the ElectronicRackLgsw

  1. Power off the TipTiltUnit by remote shutdown (if the TipTiltComputer is unreachable, use the power switch - see above -; this should only be used in emergency case to prevent damage to the CPU board's Linux system).
  2. LEDs should be all off.
  3. Take a picture of current cabling.
  4. Unplug all cables paying attention that they are all labelled.
  5. Unscrew the TipTiltUnit from the rack (eight small screws).
  6. Take partially out smoothly the TipTiltUnit.
  7. Disconnect the power plug on the back of the TipTiltUnit (right side). It is the only cable on the back of the TipTiltUnit.
  8. Fully remove the TipTiltUnit from the rack.
  9. Store the TipTiltUnit in ArgosCabinet3
  10. Update the corresponding twiki page and notify Gilles.

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tts_prom.mcsmcs tts_prom.mcs manage 570 K 03 Nov 2014 - 00:14 UnknownUser PROM file version 3
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