The BCU #1 that was first delivered to Florence (and was before in Heidelberg for SW development). It is without ADC board, and was always affected by problem of ethernet mulfunctioning. Mario once said: "remove the BCU board and push on the ethernet chip to solve the problem".


When notes
20121019_101904 First time
20121019_104427 A hard reset (from front red button) solved


BCU Basdard was up since yesterday. BCU was shut down and it has been reboot this morning

I got a "Failed to perform operation 'uploadDspCode' " message on the configuration of the 2nd hvc board. The 1st went fine.

On basda termina:
2012-10-19 10:19:04.574780 NOTICE inaf_bcu aoibis:14449.b58cbb70 argos ServiceWorker.cpp:189 virtual void argos::bcu::ServiceWorker::resetDevices(int, int, int, const Nice::SeqInt&) [inaf_bcu got request for writing to ResetDevices memory at address 0x0 to the DSP range [4:4] 2 DWords]
2012-10-19 10:19:04.575546 NOTICE inaf_bcu aoibis:14449.b48c9b70 argos ServiceWorker.cpp:266 virtual void argos::bcu::ServiceWorker::uploadDspCode(int, int, const std::string&) [Uploading DSP code /home/argos/apps//share/argos_bcu/HVCMainProgram_2_01.ldr to DSP range [4:4]]
2012-10-19 10:19:04.589975 ERROR inaf_bcu aoibis:14449.b48c9b70 argos ServiceWorker.cpp:276 virtual void argos::bcu::ServiceWorker::uploadDspCode(int, int, const std::string&) [Failed to perform operation 'uploadDspCode' with reason 'Nice::Exception:BCU replies that the following write command failed:  [Opcode=0 first DSP=4 last DSP=4 address=0x4018 MGP payload length (DWORD)=52]. Reply: [opCode=202,dataLengthInDword=0,messageId=42,memoryAddress=0].']

On ipython terminal:

In [1]: import os; execfile('/home/argos/workspace/argos_trunk/scripts/inaf/')

In [2]: hvc.configure()
ERROR: An unexpected error occurred while tokenizing input
The following traceback may be corrupted or invalid
The error message is: ('EOF in multi-line statement', (10, 0))

RuntimeError                              Traceback (most recent call last)

/home/argos/<ipython console> in <module>()

/home/argos/apps/lib/python/site-packages/argos/lgsw/device/hvc_device.pyc in configure(self)
     41         self._hvc_boards[0].configure()
---> 42         self._hvc_boards[1].configure()
     43         self._hvc_channels[bb].configure(calib_blue.calibration())
     44         #self._hvc_channels[1].configure() UNUSED PORT

/home/argos/apps/lib/python/site-packages/argos/lgsw/device/hvc_board.pyc in configure(self)
     31         #load program

---> 32         self._uploadDspCode()
     34         # delay of the DAC update respect to the begin of the isr routine

/home/argos/apps/lib/python/site-packages/argos/lgsw/device/hvc_board.pyc in _uploadDspCode(self)
     64     def _uploadDspCode(self):
     65         self._bcu_ctrl.uploadDspCode(self._board_no, self._board_no, 
---> 66                                      HVCConstants.HVC_DSP_PROGRAM_PATH)
     68     def _setPreshaper(self):

/home/argos/apps/lib/python/site-packages/argos_bcu.pyc in uploadDspCode(self, firstDsp, lastDsp, programPathOnServer)
    141         assert 0 < len(programPathOnServer)
--> 143         self._bcu.uploadDspCode(firstDsp, lastDsp, programPathOnServer)

RuntimeError: ServiceWorkerInterfaceCommandFailedException: Command failed

-- LorenzoBusoni - 19 Oct 2012

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Title Failed to perform operation 'uploadDspCode'
DevicesInvolved BCU, BcuNumber1
FirstSeenOn 19 Oct 2012
Status Open
Topic revision: r9 - 15 May 2013, LorenzoBusoni
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