Adaptor box is installed inside the LgswUnit. It gets up to 8 motor connected via DB9 connection on the internal side. On the external side it has 2 military connectors

Inside the box there are 2 boards with limit switch buffers that are needed to adapt the electrical level of the negative limit switch of the NewportNSA12StepperMotors to the input of MoCon. Each boards can control 4 limit switchs, so there are 2 spares channel in each box. One of the spare is already cabled to the box connectors (to port 7). The second one can be cabled.

The adaptor box is also routing the signals of the DarkWheel.


List of devices of this kind

Name Serial Number Location
Stepper Motor Adaptor Box DX ADBOX DX LgswUnitDx
Stepper Motor Adaptor Box SX ADBOX SX LgswUnitSx


Pinout of DB9 and correspondent naming on the CableAdaptorBoxMocon (5V, GND and Negative Limit of ports 1-7 are routed through the limit switch buffer)


Installation and maintenance

The ports from 1 to 6 are normally used for the NewportNSA12StepperMotors, port 7 is a spare for the NewportNSA12StepperMotors, port 8 is dedicated to the DarkWheel. The DarkWheel cannot be connected to port 1-7. A NewportNSA12StepperMotors cannot be connected to port 8

DB9 ports are numbered in the following way: odd number are on the inner row, even numbers are on the external row. Port 1 is the one closest to PockelsCell.

Port Connect
1 BlueChannel - X
2 BlueChannel - Y
3 YellowChannel - X
4 YellowChannel - Y
5 RedChannel - X
6 RedChannel - Y
7 Spare for NewportNSA12StepperMotors
8 DarkWheelMotor

What to do when a Switch buffer is dead?

Use spare port 7 if not already in use. The correspondent cfg file in the software must be modified.

If port 7 is already in use you can connect the spare channel: remove the box, identifiy the broken buffer, disconnect the cabling from the broken buffer and connect to the free one. Don't modify software.

DeviceTypeForm edit

Name Stepper Motor Adaptor Box
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AD1_nsa12_switch_buffer.PDFPDF AD1_nsa12_switch_buffer.PDF manage 984 K 21 May 2013 - 16:04 LorenzoBusoni Limit switch buffer for NewportNSA12StepperMotors.
AD3_adaptor_box.pdfpdf AD3_adaptor_box.pdf manage 150 K 21 May 2013 - 16:05 LorenzoBusoni Draft mechanical drawing of StepperMotorAdaptorBox
ARGOS_WFS_MoCon_cabling.pdfpdf ARGOS_WFS_MoCon_cabling.pdf manage 1 MB 21 May 2013 - 16:01 LorenzoBusoni Stepper Motor Adaptor Box technical description (italian)
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