The are several version of this device:

  • The 2012 model (aka v1.0) that have shown degradation of plastic holders due to ozone pollution
  • The 2014 model (aka v2.0) with plastic housing material. BBO Crystal are glued using a ceramic bridge. Ozone pump added to the LgswUnit to suck out the ozone produced by the cells
  • The July 2015 model (aka v2.1) of PockelsCells is un upgraded version with different housing material (replacing piezoelectric PVDF) and different electrical pins layout and internal wiring improved. Same mechanical interface of v2.0

List of devices of this kind

Name Serial Number Location
Pockels Cell #0 0 MPE
Pockels Cell #1 1 MPE
Pockels Cell #140 14-0 MPE
Pockels Cell #141 14-1 LgswUnitSx
Pockels Cell #142 14-2 LgswUnitSx
Pockels Cell #143 14-3 LgswUnitSx
Pockels Cell #144 14-4 MPE
Pockels Cell #145 14-5 LgswUnitDx
Pockels Cell #146 14-6 LgswUnitDx
Pockels Cell #147 14-7 LgswUnitDx
Pockels Cell #2 2 MPE
Pockels Cell #3 3 MPE
Pockels Cell #4 4 MPE
Pockels Cell #5 5 MPE
Pockels Cell #6 6 MPE


TODO: add description / report of the OzoneProblem, cells refurbishment and redesign...

the SX PockelsCells cabling has been cut to following length, measured from tip of the plug to cable end:
   * Yellow 1: 25cm
   * Yellow 2: 20.5cm
   * Red 1:     18cm
   * Red 2:     10.5cm
   * Blue 1:     30cm
   * Blue 2:     23cm

Installation and maintenance

After discovering a major problem with OzoneProblem production during May 14 commissioning run (see DiaryRun2) we started a periodic check of the cells performance: PockelsCellsTransmission

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