Power up, set up, ramp voltage, start up commands
[argos@sx-lgsw the_pcd]$ ./the_pcd.sh 
Missing command parameters. Use B0,B1,B2,B3 or BA (voltage)\n
[argos@sx-lgsw the_pcd]$ ./the_pcd.sh b1
power up
SEND: 0201B12637
[argos@sx-lgsw the_pcd]$ ./the_pcd.sh b2
set up
SEND: 0201B21654
[argos@sx-lgsw the_pcd]$ ./the_pcd.sh ba 2000
set voltage to 
SEND: 0205BA0000FA444EF6
[argos@sx-lgsw the_pcd]$ ./the_pcd.sh ba 4500
set voltage to 
SEND: 0205BA00A08C4541B4
[argos@sx-lgsw the_pcd]$ ./the_pcd.sh b3
start up
SEND: 0201B30675

From StartedUp one can go to SetUp (stop trigger to PockelsCells) and back to StartedUp
[argos@sx-lgsw the_pcd]$ ./the_pcd.sh b2
set up
SEND: 0201B21654
[argos@sx-lgsw the_pcd]$ ./the_pcd.sh b3
start up
SEND: 0201B30675

Reading error codes (0000=OK in this example)
[argos@sx-lgsw the_pcd]$ ./the_pcd.sh f5
Error code

SEND: 0201F52E77

Reading temperature (how to convert it?)
[argos@sx-lgsw the_pcd]$ ./the_pcd.sh a089
aquire temperature
SEND: 0202A0891A17

The different states and their commands are:
CMD    Name    Description
B0    power down    Not recommended. The HV switches are inhibit (inactive). may apply a constant voltage to the cell while head is discharging.
B1    power up    The HV switches are enabled, the cells are shortcut.
B2    set up    HV power supplies are on, you can set the voltage now. increase in steps, 0->2000->4500. cell is still shortcut
B3    start up    enable trigger signal of the HV switches
BA    set voltage    set the voltage to a value between 0 and 5000.
F5    get error code    get a mystical hex code error report
D2    head status    head status byte, followed by 0. see below how to decrypt.
A083    get positive voltage
A084    get positive current
A087    get negative voltage
A088    get negative current
A089    get head temperature    acquire head temperature, should be ~20...30 and ambient temperature

- B0 is not necessary. B1 is the preferred standby state.
- jumping between any state is possible, but may cause errors, especially when starting up. jumping to power up (b1) is usually safe.
- to discharge the big scary capacitors inside the head, it's recommended to set the voltage to 100V for a second before leaving start up (b3)
- voltage steps higher than ~2000V may trigger the current limiter, which will result in a immediate power down of the head. in start up (b3) you should increase in even smaller steps.
- the first 2 bytes of the error report a flipped (big/little endian pain), this 16-bit code contains all reported errors. the following bytes represent the error code split into single errors. the error codes are still subject to change.
- the head temperature might stay constant when polling frequently. will be fixed.
- the measured voltage will defer from the voltage you set. this is caused most likely by a bad calibration. will be fixed.

Head status:
  // bit 0: inhibit    0:HV switches disabled    1:HV switches active
  // bit 1: trigger enable    0: trigger input ignored    1: switches can be triggered
  // bit 2: MON-FA    0: pos. hv switch malfuntion 1: all right
  // bit 3: MON-FB   0: neg. hv switch malfuntion 1: all right
  // bit 4: 5V-SWITCH1   0: pos. hv switch controller malfuntion 1: all right
  // bit 5: 5V-SWITCH2   0: neg. hv switch controller malfuntion 1: all right
  // bit 6: Trigger active 0: no trigger signal detected on hv switch   1: switches are triggered
  // bit 7: HPWR head power 0: driver head off or not connected 1: all right
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