DT: training of XY on SW and HW

LgswUnitSx calibrations

20:30: we deploy the cal unit and we try to do SX calibrations

SX HEXA 2.79 0.32 -0.78 208 -308
New modal histories for KL_v18, using modal amplitude: 20151211_164800_rms0.10.fits

KL # modes MH
18 10 20160517_KL_v18_150_0.10
We first try to acquire an IM using the old MH used for REC: 20151212_220600 and LGSW IM: 20151212_202229

We acquire a new flat: 20160517_033800_ARGOS_150modes

Modal amplitude: 20151211_162400_rms0.05, KL_v18, MH: 20160517_KL_v18_150_0.05

LGSW IM: 20160518_055735 it is not good, the lower border of the 3 pupils is bended...

LGSW REC: 20160518_055800, COMBO REC: 20160518_055801

Then we generate a new MH using KL_v20 and we acquire a new LGSW IM: 20160518_060514, LGSW REC: 20160518_062100, COMBO REC: 20160518_062101

We try again an acquisition using the new LGSW REC for KL_v20:

LGSW IM: 20160518_062548, LGSW REC: 20160518_064037, these have been done using a modal amplitude of 0.10

We try to increase the preamble from 100 to 500, nothing changes

We try to increase the light level and the number of cycles but nothing changes...

Then we try to increase the number of up and down steps from 3 to 10 (we are using KL_v18):

LGSW IM: 20160518_065724, LGSW REC: 20160518_065800, COMBO REC: 20160518_065801

And then just 6 steps:

LGSW IM: 20160518_070455

Then we try KL_v20:

LGSW IM: 20160518_071032, LGSW REC: 20160518_071100, COMBO REC: 20160518_071101

BCU stucks at 8:22:49 UTC, it continues to read duplicated ASM records

10:27:24 ring buffer exception timeout of 2.4s when reading 1 record or 6.0s when reading 10 records...
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