LGSW dark: 20150503_013418

QC and PYR test

We setup the system for BIN4, 200Hz, lamp is at 50 steps, FW1 is on 50-50 mirror. Mr=14.0, disturb=1.2". ~75phot/subap on PYR

21:30: adsec DX goes to panic, we restart the whole software and we get that the swingarm status is 0... we restart also the AOS

We move the stage Z to have 0.7" spot on the QC and we try again

23:00: we try to open (pointing to NGC5466)

23:46: shell force rises untill it crashes (while crossing the meridian)

Board centered with stages at -72.8, -52.5

we have 45phot/subap, mr=14.5, PYR at BIN4, 300Hz.

LUCI image in OL: id. 7710 Shell RIP at 07:30:00 + fail during recover fail

00:40: clouds, closing again

-- MarcoBonaglia - 20 May 2015
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