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The list of targets and LUCI images is here: raw_20141129.txt

21:00: we start the telescope collimation and we resume the tubone.

PatCam X Y
Blue 172 93
Yellow 167 86
Red 183 92
PatCam target: 20141130_054900: the target is offsetted by ~10px on the top direction. This is useful to use the centroid to periscope algorithm.

22:30: we acquire a new IM between periscope and PatCam (centroid). The loop is closed on FLAO 150 modes to have a good stabilization of the LGS.

TN Notes
20141130_070524 LAS compensation loop is open, LGS in
The FLAO is running at 100Hz... we switch to 500Hz. We take LUCI images, the Z stage is at 27mm.

23:30: we close on FLAO + ARGOS

PBL with ARGOS arbitrator. when restarted and we close the loop the shell RIPs because of an housekeeping error (mainly for bad voltage reading).

00:23: spots are on PatCams but we cannot close on LGSW, we try optimizing the LAN focus + astigmatism correctors:

LAN focus Astig
-185K 1060


00:50: we repoint the telescope... We try to acquire a new IM between periscope and PatCam (quad-cell). This works better!

TN Notes
20141130_095940 G=2.5,0.6,0.4, TS off
20141130_100041 ^, TS on
20141130_100304 ^, Gj=0.2
20141130_101008 G=3.0,0.7,0.7, Gj=0.1
20141130_101102 ^, Gj=0.2
20141130_101247 G=3.0,0.6,0.6, Gj=0.25
20141130_101346 ^, Gj=0.2
20141130_101441 ^, Gj=0.1, seeing=*0.82"*
20141130_102641 OL, spots are out of LGSW FoV

LAN focus Astig
-180K 910

TN Notes
20141130_103950 OL
20141130_111843 Bad


We set the FLAO stage to 45mm (where the guider focus is). ToF set to 84us.

TN Notes
20141130_124214 no tubone
The BCU is continuing to crash. We set the frame rate to 200Hz.

TN Notes
20141130_133049 OL
20141130_135452 G=2.0,0.6,0.4
20141130_140536 OL

-- MarcoBonaglia - 18 Dec 2014
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