22:00 we try to check the LAN optics quality looking at a NGS on a GE1350 camera installed in the LAS box. After focussing we have a 2.5" astigmatic spot when the natural seeing is about 0.8".

22:30 the camera is removed, we are back to Zenith, a double window is installed in the laser tube to compesate for the astigmatism

TN Notes
20140518_060354 LGS on PatCams, spot sigma is about 10px
There are many clouds...

AdSec problems we remove actuator 373.

00:25 laser propagation, 2 cloud layers:

TN Notes
20140518_072715 2 cloud layers
20140518_075947 "

01:06 we try a closed loop on ARGOS yellow pupil, running at 200Hz, jitter loop closed, 2us of opening time.

We have a problem with M1 offloading, it moves out the LGS from the sensor FoV.

Clouds are increasing, we try to run at 100Hz.

TN Notes No TT Res [nm wf] Modalplot
20140518_083211 ARGOS yellow CL, 20 modes, noTT, 100Hz 251 20140518_083211-083312_modalplot.jpg
20140518_083235 " 296
20140518_083312 " 296
We move the LAN focus at -110k, we close jitter and pupil loops:

TN Notes No TT Res [nm wf] Modalplot
20140518_084557 ARGOS yellow CL, 20 modes, noTT, 100Hz 414 20140518_084557-084722_modalplot.jpg
20140518_084612 " 392
20140518_084722 " 379
we scan the ToF, 85us minimizes the slopes rms...

we try again with 20 modes:

TN Notes No TT Res [nm wf] Modalplot
20140518_084814 ARGOS yellow CL, 20 modes, noTT, 100Hz 309 20140518_084814-092346_modalplot.jpg
20140518_084918 " 270
20140518_084948 " 301
20140518_092346 ARGOS OL 679


We try to put the Red LGS into the Yellow one. It is a mess! We go back to Yellow in Yellow...

TN Notes
- ARGOS yellow CL, 20 modes, noTT, 200Hz, 3us opening time
20140518_100211 ARGOS OL, many clouds
20140518_100235 clouds
20140518_101300 clouds
04:00 LAN flexures lookup table: http://aowiki.arcetri.astro.it/bin/view/ARGOSPublic/LanLookupTable
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