We start in the afternoon testing in remote the PC #5 suppression on LgswUnitSx:


Cal Unit activity: we center the yellow pupil:

Hexapod value
X -4.7
Y -6.65
Z 4.4
Rx -190
Ry -240
We take snapshots closing the loop on ARGOS:

TN Notes No TT Res [nm wf]
20140516_013111 ARGOS yellow CL, 150modes 178
20140516_013157 " 177
20140516_013222 " 178
20140516_013725 ARGOS yellow OL 155
20140516_013812 " 155
20140516_014415 " 152


We switch on FLAO, we optimize the PSF on CCD47. Loaded FLAO pupils positions: 20130916_000000

W stages Value
X -75
Y -55
Z -49
We build mixed FLAO and ARGOS reconstructors, using FLAO bin 2 REC 20130916_221257

REC ARGOS yellow 150 modes + FLAO TT bin2: 20140516_014823

REC FLAO bin 2 150 modes: 20140516_030138

We try to acquire ARGOS Slope Offset when the FLAO loop is closed (150 modes):

ARGOS slope offset: 20140516_141000

TN Notes No TT Res [nm wf]
20140516_043942 FLAO CL bin 2, 150 modes 705


We try to close the ARGOS loop using slopes offset but it diverges. We try to filter the ARGOS slopes null on the yellow reconstructor at 150 modes. They seems not fine. We acquire new ones:

ARGOS slope offset: 20140516_141400

22:14 Switch to on-sky activity, we start pointing at Zenith.

22:43 lasers are finally on-sky

TN Notes
20140516_054843 LGS on PatCams
20140516_055514 LM1 loop
20140516_055559 LM1 II loop
20140516_055933 periscope loop

After a while LGS are back on PatCams

TN Notes
20140516_060343 LM1 loop
20140516_060836 check for LGS drift, it is small over 5min...
We point at a star at EL 82deg, we collimate the telescope, seeing about 1.1":

TN Notes
20140516_062901 LM1 loop
We try to close the TT loop on ARGOS but it moves the LGS away from the LGSW FoV:

TN Notes
20140516_064323 Try of ARGOS TT loop on yellow
We try a LAN focus scan the ToF is set to 85us:

TN LAN focus
20140516_064631 -100k
20140516_064711 -90k
20140516_064740 -80k
20140516_064819 -70k
20140516_064849 -60k
20140516_064918 -50k
20140516_065017 -40k
20140516_065048 -30k
20140516_065123 -20k
20140516_065242 -10k
20140516_065314 0k
We decide to stay at -45k, we optimize the ToF to 83us

TN Notes
20140516_065800 LAN focus at -45k and ToF at 83us
We point at a star at EL 73deg, recollimate, and we check the PSF on CCD47. Start tacking. Flexure compensation is on.

TN Notes
20140516_071615 spots on PatCams
20140516_074559 LM1 loop
20140516_074757 periscope loop
We try to close a loop on FLAO with 150 modes

TN Notes
20140516_090324 FLAO CL bin 2, 150 modes
20140516_090634 "
20140516_090830 we have 2 clouds layers (about 8 and 10 km)
20140516_091800 FLAO CL bin 2, 150 modes, 200 Hz
20140516_092113 "
20140516_092141 "
20140516_092223 "
20140516_092350 "
20140516_093904 FLAO CL bin 2, 150 modes, 400 Hz
20140516_095513 "
20140516_102859 ARGOS jitter comp loop closed
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