23:20: we have the spots on the PatrolCameras

We try the Patrol to LM1 loop. We load the REC 033220.

Then we try the PatCam to periscope loop, when we have a distance <5" we start the QC to periscope loop.

00:17: REC 20140515_072442 QC to periscope

we center using the QC algo

TN Notes
20140515_073459 QC recentering
20140515_073601 "
20140515_074412 "
20140515_075043 QC closed loop on periscope, lan focus at -120k steps
20140515_075403 "
20140515_075925 "

We open the QC loop because the periscopes have reached the limit of the field camera.

TN Notes
20140515_080215 recentered with LM1
20140515_080511 SpotDrift

Probably we need 5deg clockwise rotation on the Red PatCam

01:57 we record the LAS pupil mirror to QC IM

REC 20140515_092724 LAS PM to QC reconstructor

TN Notes
20140515_090050 we center the spots with the PM to QC algo
20140515_091620 "
20140515_092117 "

We try to measure the Pockels cell transmission on-sky (PockelsCellTest) however we are a little bit decentered on the PatCams.

TN Notes
20140515_093724 to 20140515_093855 PockelsCellTest on sky

3:00 flexure test: we point at different stars and we recenter the spot on the LGSW FoV
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