These motors are used to adjust the pupil position in the LgswUnit.

They are customized: the connector has been replaced with a DB9 to plug into the StepperMotorAdaptorBox

List of devices of this kind

Name Serial Number Location
Newport NSA12 #00 12941 LgswUnitDx
Newport NSA12 #01 12840 LgswUnitDx
Newport NSA12 #02 13848 OAA
Newport NSA12 #03 13855 LgswUnitSx
Newport NSA12 #04 13842 OAA
Newport NSA12 #05 13929 LgswUnitSx
Newport NSA12 #06 13857 LgswUnitSx
Newport NSA12 #07 13928 LgswUnitSx
Newport NSA12 #08 13859 LgswUnitSx
Newport NSA12 #09 13862 LgswUnitDx
Newport NSA12 #10 13922 LgswUnitDx
Newport NSA12 #11 13854 LgswUnitDx
Newport NSA12 #12 13445 LgswUnitDx
Newport NSA12 #13 13861 MPE
Newport NSA12 #14 14958 LgswUnitSx
Newport NSA12 #15 14961 OAA
Newport NSA12 #16 14962 OAA
Newport NSA12 #17 14959 OAA


The use of Newport NSA12 with external controller, including connector pinout is described here: AD2_NSA12_with_external_controller.pdf:

Installation and maintenance

What to do when a motor is not homing

This could be due to a motor that has reached is positive limit and cannot recover because the linear actuator is detached from the rotor. A software positive limit is set to prevent the motor to elongate above is limit, but this limit can be overcome in case the motor is not properly homed. See this page for a procedure to recover the functionality.

How to replace a motor

A motor has been easily replaced for the RED Y motor in OAA. Apparently not easy for the yellow ones because of cables routing.

  • Take note of the serial number of the spare motor
  • If the colored clamshell for the DB9 is available, put the one with right color and write the serial number of the motor on it.
  • Remove the broken motor. The motor is fixed to the stage with a screw on the neck, close to the movable piston.
  • Pay attention to the cables: there is an hole in the flange through which the db9 connector has to pass.
  • Install the new motor.
  • Update the twiki pages of both motors (broken and new one) setting the new location and writing the reason and date of failure.
  • Turn on the system and setup to visualize the pupil on the WFS camera. You'll notice that the pupil is misplaced. Run the pupil stabilization loop and wait till converges. Take note of the motor position
  • Modify the configuration file (example site/lbt/dx-lgsw/insroot/etc/argos_dx_pupil_motor_blue_device.cfg) and update CFG:NAMED_POS.ABS.0 with the new default motor position

-- LorenzoBusoni - 11 Apr 2013

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