List of devices of this kind

Name Serial Number Location
MoCon LLP DX llpdx LLPRackDx
MoCon LLP SX llpsx LLPRackSx
MoCon WFS DX wfsdx LgswRack1
MoCon WFS SX wfssx LgswRack2
Mocon Binder   MPE


Installation and maintenance

Communication with MoCon using HTerm

Julian Ziegleder uses HTerm (but you can also use hyperterminal):

  • Connect the serial cable (9600 baud, 8bits, 1 stop, no parity)
  • set Newline at LF
  • Input control-> send on enter CR

How to set IP

  • Get IP address 1 31 0. It was set to
  • Set IP address to the desired IP (e.g. 1 30 0 192 168 18 4
  • Get IP mask and gateway with 1 33 0 and 1 35 0. They were set to
  • New values are valid after a reset 1 8 0
  • When serial connection is no more needed it must be disabled using . See User Guide p. 21 (Communication mode and card address) and ask JZ.

Communication with MoCon using OAA IDL library

This can be useful for troubleshooting and to discriminate between SW and HW issues.

The library is installed in WorkStation1 in ~/idl/usr_lib/mocon that is already in the IDL path. Identify the cardno (=1 in the Lgsw case) and the motorno (between 1 and 8), depending on the port used to connect the device to the MoCon. See for example AdaptorBox for a list about how the motors and the dark wheel of LgswUnit are connected.

Start IDL and see the example below where cardno=1 and motorno=1. Typically you want to use genericCmd(cardno, code, motorno, param) and refer to the MoCon Programmers Guide

IDL> mocon=getmocon('')                     
% Compiled module: GETMOCON.
% Compiled module: MOCON__DEFINE.
% Compiled module: MOCON_MSGQUEUE__DEFINE.
1 6 0 4 COS_XC161 V2.19, Nov 23 2012
IDL> mocon->TCPLogin, 1           
IDL> mocon->TCPPassword, 1
IDL> mocon->SetFirmwareSettings, 1, INFO_MODUS=0           
IDL> mocon->TCPReserveModule, 1, 8                
IDL> mocon->info, 1, 8
--- Amplifier Card 1 Info's ---
Classification: Stepper
Identification: 0x1
Card Name: SMD8
Version: 2.0
Manufacturer date: 16.09.2010
Serial No.: 021
Amplifier offset: 0
--- Amplifier Info's ---
Classification: Stepper
Identification: 0x2
Amplifier name: IM481Hplus
Motor power supply: OK
Amplifier fuse: OK
Thermal flag: no support
Short current flag: no support
PWMa/Pulse inverse: No
PWMb inverse: No
PWMc/AtRest inverse: No
Sign/Dir inverse: No
Break/PowerOff inv.: Yes
Auto PowerOff inv.: No
IDL> print, mocon->position(1, 8)
IDL> ret= mocon->genericCmd(1, 163, 8, '') & help, ret[0]
** Structure <2309678>, 9 tags, length=88, data length=88, refs=2:
   LINE            STRING    '1 163 8 2 0'
   CARD            INT              1
   CODE            INT            163
   MODULE          INT              8
   MSG_ID          INT              2
   DATA            STRING    '0'
   INFO            STRING    ''
   EVENT           STRING    ''
   ERROR           STRING    ''

How to adjust current

Current for each channel of the card has to be adjusted.
Please check first the current of each channel before you connect it to the motor.
Each channel has a measuring point and a potentiometer. Please set each channel to 0,286V if the motor is not running. 
If the motor is running you should measure 0,340V -> 340mA.

On 23 March 2012 I did it on the old card SMD8 S/N17. On 11 October 2012 It is repeated on SMD8 S/N21

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DVC-4000A_Manual.pdfpdf DVC-4000A_Manual.pdf manage 1 MB 18 Jan 2010 - 16:04 LorenzoBusoni Technical Manual for DVC-4000AM
MOCON_UG_1.00.pdfpdf MOCON_UG_1.00.pdf manage 6 MB 18 Jan 2010 - 15:23 LorenzoBusoni Complete MoCon User Guide
MoCon_Features.pdfpdf MoCon_Features.pdf manage 15 K 18 Jan 2010 - 15:21 LorenzoBusoni MoCon features (2 pages brochure)
MoCon_Programmers_Guide_1.07.pdfpdf MoCon_Programmers_Guide_1.07.pdf manage 419 K 18 Jan 2010 - 15:27 LorenzoBusoni MoCon Programmer's Guide (in german)
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