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How to Add a New Modal Basis When the ASM is re calibrated a new modal basis is created and saved in the ASM computer.We need to produce a local copy of the modal...
The ARGOS calibration unit swing arm position is not available into the snapshot, but it is used to distinguish between daytime and on sky data. This information ...
* OBSOLETE: THE ARGOS BCU POWER SUPPLIES HAVE BEEN UPGRADED BY MICROGATE IN 2016 * Informations about how to read the BCU power supply voltage directly from the ...
How to align the calibration unit Information on the original alignment can be found here. This is not a routine maintenance procedure.The procedure should only ...
How to authorize LUCI@ARGOS focal station 0) login as LBTO on obs x , see UsefulLoginInfo 1) from terminal start TCSGUI 2) click on IIF GUI button 3) on Instrumen...
checked and found following HowToChageFLAOPupilMask. Procedure
The ARGOS acquisition sequence make use of 4 different algorithms: 1 LAN LM1 to LAT: used at the beginning of the night to bring the lasers within the 1' FoV o...
ARGOS implements the LGS guiding with many different algorithms: 1 LAS pupil mirror to quad cell: a quadcell like algorithm is used on the patrol camera images...
How to Change FLAO Pupil Mask To change the pupil mask, at a flao sxwfs or flao dxwfs terminal type: i. 1 It will print a numbered list of pu...
We received instructions from Julian by email on 11/05/2016: To change the IP, you have to connect to the serial port of the controller (power supply rear side). ...
Bad connected accelerometers can lead to faulty behaviour of the vibration compensation system. This method can be used to check for problems with the acceleromet...
at the telescope just follow HowToLogInAndConnectToVNC Login on
How to Convert Disturbance in New Modal Basis The Adsec Disturbances are Adsec Commands Matrices. To convert the Disturbances in a new modal basis the first step ...
How to Create a Calibrated Modal Amplitude for Modal History This guide helps you to create a calibrated modal amplitude for modal history push pull.Normally one ...
!!!! Keep track of your work !!!! !!!! Remember to keep track of the recorded IMs and all RECs built into the following pages: * DXAoLoopCalibrations * SXAo...
objects See HowToCreateACombinedReconstructor (
How to create an LBT star catalog file If you want to point and guide on a star it is mandatory to have a catalog file installed in the LBT TCS. Catalog file form...
How to define a subapertures set To create a new subapertures set or just modify the slope computing method you have 2 possibilities: 1 create a new subapertur...
: * For DX follow HowToStartSoftware# * For SX follow HowToStartSoftware#
in closed loop Look HowToPerformArgosAoLoopInDayTime to
There are 2 ways to perform a "coma free" pointing offset moving the AdSec hexapod: 1. using the TCS GUI 1. using the ARGOS terminal How to perform a point...
How to Enable Day Time Mode in TCS Rationale When working in day time with the CalUnitSystem the TCS must be informed. If this is not done the TCS offloads the s...
(for the last values see: HowToSetupHexapodForCalibrationUnit coordinates history See HowToSetupHexapodForCalibrationUnit
The ARGOS main power switches are located in the SX LaserSupplyRack on the LaserSupplyPlatform. They should be on all the time. If they are not on enable them i...
a SHG tuning procedure. See HowToTuneLasersSHG After all, now
How to generate sinusoidal disturbances from argos.arbitrator.aoloop.sinusoidal_disturbance import SinusoidalDisturbance sinDist= SinusoidalDisturbance(argos.aar...
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We describe two ways to get DIMM, or by extension any LBT telemetry, data: * with on the fly plot GUI called LBTplot * by retrieving text files. More inform...
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How to Get Information about Old Calibration The starting point is the tag of a combined reconstructor. All the information about the reconstructor is inside the ...
only. (GR/2017 02 10) See HowToUseTheFiberSwitch instead
How to Install New Reconstructor in ARGOS SW After a calibration you have to update the argos configuration table. In "argos_trunk/site/lbt/common/insroot/etc/arg...
The fantastic operating system used for the ARGOS project has the nice feature of allowing only a single instance of the browser to run at any time. i. Kill t...
If the spots are very broad you could try to limit the jitter loop stroke to avoid them to jump on the next subaperture. Anyhow before you probably would try to o...
ARGOS remotely just follow HowToConnectToARGOSWorkstationAtLBT
Device ToDo Frequency month Last Done / Name Comments Full ARGOS system Close loop in daytime with image on LUCI 2 2019 12 04 SW/GR This is a ...
This procedure is used to match the 3 LGS images produced by the CalUnitSystem to the LgswUnit entrance FoVs. It is composed by a measurement procedure that scans...
This is a duplicated topic of HowToDoComaFreePointingOffset
i. Open LGSW Lab GUI i. In the Dichroic tab select the Expert tab i. In the Command white field write the following command: Command Istruction 00PS...
How to Optimize Spot on Patrol Cameras This topic contains the instructions to optimize the spot on the Patrol Cameras moving the Launch Beam Corrector and the Fo...
closed loop in daytime This HowTo explains how to close an AO spots to be properly aligned: HowToSetupARGOSForCalibrations 15) and RO coordinates from HowToSetupHexapodForCalibrationUnit
AO Loop In Night Time This HowTo describs what to do to set up GUIs (TODO: Adsec how to: HowToStartAdsec) 1 In parallel GUIs and start up FLAO (see: HowToStartPyramidWfs) 1 In
to ADSEC calibrations This HowTo describes what to do to KL set onto ARGOS machine. (HowToGetNewKLsetToARGOS) * You you wish to use a new one. (HowToCreateANewModalHistory) *
Use circuit breaker F22 on the remote power front panel (most right, upper row. labeled "REMOTE POWER"). Location: Lower argos plattform, SX rack, upper half. M...
chiller must be running (HowToStartChiller) * ARGOS power must on (HowToEnableMainPower) * ARGOS software must be running (HowToStartSoftware) Procedure *
: * For DX follow HowToStartSoftware# * For SX follow HowToStartSoftware#
: * For DX follow HowToStartSoftware# * For SX follow HowToStartSoftware#
: * For DX follow HowToStartSoftware# * For SX follow HowToStartSoftware#
How to recover ARGOS Procedure to recover from BCU crash Usual symptom: CCD Viewer does not update 1 Set LAS and LAN in simulation (Arbitrator GUI, Tab: Exper...
a vnc connection to dx lalas (HowToLogInAndConnectToVNC). 1
A session on this topic has already been created in the Device List pages of the NSA12 stepper motors: * Symptom * Possible cause * Procedure to recover ...
There are 2 ways to remove coma by moving the AdSec hexapod: 1 using the ARGOS terminal 1 using TCS GUI How to remove coma using the ARGOS terminal i. O...
Replacing circuit breakers on the ARGOS Remote Power Control unit The Remote Power Control unit is located inside LSPRackSx. The attached document (by Julian Zieg...
Instructions to replace a Pockels Cell Driver (PCD) on the telescope 1 In the LGSW Lab GUI, go to the "Pockels_cell" tab and press "Shutdown". 1 On the tele...
The documentation about how to start/stop, restart, and properly power off the LBT AdSec is maintained in the LBTO Twiki at the current page:
Orientation on the DX side See email to Gilles and Lorenzo of 28/02/2015: So from our evaluation the LUCI CCD top is vertical in the telescope system when the rot...
1 Install site sx sim, e.g.: cd argos_trunk/site/sx sim make install 1 Follow instructions in README. Anonymous access with username anon and password...
i. R0 coordinates: see HowToSetupHexapodForCalibrationUnit
as LUCI, bentGregorianArgos (HowToAuthorizeLUCIAtARGOS) you in the AOSGUI (details in HowToEnableDayTimeModeInTCS connect ARGOS BCU to Adsec (HowToUseTheFiberSwitch ) (now
ARGOS software running (see: HowToStartSoftware). * not set default parameters. #HowToSwitchOnCalibrationUnitSources
.3 50.5 52.0 Howto configure hexapod software See HowToEnableHexapodOffload About
: Main.
How to Start the ARGOS Chiller The ArgosChiller is at level 4 and is installed, managed and maintained by LBTO. It provides coolant at 6C * IMPORTANT: The ch...
To start the AOS dummy for the DX side, also providing the TCS data dictionary, type cd ~/workspace/argos_trunk/test/argos/arbitrator ./ $INSROOT/etc/...
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Connect to dx lalas via VNC: HowToLogInAndConnectToVNC 1
Start up The HW is typically always on. In case you need to access it, the control PC is in the lower treehouse. i. Login as LBTO on obs x . See UsefulLoginInf...
Login and startup 1 login to LUCI machine from an argos@obs machine: nxclient or ssh X lucifer #64; 1 cd ~/lcsp/bin 1 ./ t...
How to start Mirror GUI i. login into adsecdx (or adsecsx), see UsefulLoginInfo i. from terminal open adsceng i. click on AdSec Control GUI and AdSec Mir...
How to start FLAO Pyramid WFS i. Login as "AOeng" into soul dxwfs (or soul sxwfs) and check if the WFS processes are running with w_check.If that is the case, ...
running as user argos (TODO: HowToTroubleshootFLAO) 1 monit locked by someone else: see HowToKickOthersOutOfFirefox i. locked by someone else: see HowToKickOthersOutOfFirefox i.
i. Login into LGSW machine: see UsefulLoginInfo i. Start the TipTiltSystem controller GUI: argos_sx_tiptilt_controller_gui i. Start the TipTiltSystem Apertu...
sudo upsmon c stop Main.TommasoMazzoni 16 Mar 2015
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from Flao to ARGOS *This HowTo may evolve with SOUL upgrades the procedures outlined in HowToPerformArgosAoLoopInNightTime
How to test LGSW entrance window transmissivity Measure LGSW entrance window in transmission 1. Setup the LGSW for daytime activity: deploy calibration source...
Main.SebastianRabien 15 Dec 2015 From time to time the Innolas lasers require a tuning of the SHG temperature to maintain the power level. This should be done whe...
How To Update The ARGOS Instrument Software During Commissioning It is essential that the engineers know exactly which software modules run during the commissioni...
This tool has made available to ARGOS since 13 03 2016 (see Steve Allanson's e mail). This tool allows to offset the telescope optics (independently on each side,...
operation. This one superseed HowToInstallARGOSFiberSplitter that
How to route the calibration unit fibers Routing of the calibration unit fibers is critical. If the fibers are routed in the wrong way, the piezo head cables will...
How to build Modal Plots 2019 05 03: Important note about artifacts in the analysis. See below. Start the snapshoter GUI under 'Applications' 'Argos ?x' 'sn...
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