When What
20120617 In OAA
20130314 Dead. Too high voltage? See Diary20130114
20130315 Shipeed FLR->MUC
20130328 Repaired Shipped MUC->FLR
20130614 MB removed bandpass filters
20150417 MB, removed from DichroicControllerAndWebIOModule02
20150508 MB, installed on DichroicControllerAndWebIOModule02

Shipping email 20120613 JZ:

Congratulations, you are the winner of 2 brand new LED light sources. I just shipped 2 devices to you, one with 3 fibre connectors and one with only 1. These are the final devices which will be in the WFS rack. They are already configured with the LBT-IP addresses and as TCP-server (they are labeled). You can change the settings if you want. For my Labview program you have to use the "RealCom"-mode, if you use the IDL-code the tcp-server mode is your choice. A power cable is also in the package.


SN MAC IP Location
07 00:90:E8:22:01:54 OAA lab

SN MAC IP Firmware
07 00:90:E8:22:01:4D 15-03-17-001

Known issues


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