How to build Modal Plots

2019-05-03: Important note about artifacts in the analysis. See below.

Start the snapshoter GUI under 'Applications' -> 'Argos ?x' -> 'snapshooter'. Snapshots should be regularly taken through the night.

The time stamp of the snapshot will appear in the GUI once it has finished taking the frames. This stamp is what will be used in the snapshot analyzer.

Snapshots are located /home/argos/snapshots/measures/DX or SX on the associated dx-lgsw or sx-lgsw machine. This dir contains a series of dated directories each containing a number of snapshots for that day. The snapshot analyzer is used to create plots.
  1. Open argos_dx_snapshot_analyzer or argos_sx_snapshot_analyzer on the associated lgsw computer.
  2. tnew=terminal.analyzer('YYYYMMDD_hhmmss')
    where YYYYMMDD_hhmmss is the time stamped name of the snapshot
  3. Then to see plot:
    If a plot is already open, the updated modal plot will overlay.

´╗┐Note from Lorenzo on 2019-05-02:

"We have gone through the analyzer with Guido Agapito and we are quite confident that the spikes are an artifact of the analysis due to the fact that we are missing the information about the disabled actuators in the ASM.

More precisely, the ASM diagnostic contains the full list of positions (including the ones of the actuators that have been disabled), but we (ARGOS) are not aware of which actuator is missing.

The M2C, from which the C2M is computed, has some disabled actuators but it is not representative of the current status. So the C2M that we are using is also taking into account some actuators whose position is fake (and actually can vary from nothing to meters)

The solution is not easy: I have implemented already something in github, but we need to have the list of disabled actuators from the AdSec, and this info is currently not in the interface. We'd think at some (ugly!) workaround."

-- JenniferPower - 30 Apr 2019
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