This tool has made available to ARGOS since 13-03-2016 (see Steve Allanson's e-mail).

This tool allows to offset the telescope optics (independently on each side, or toghether by moving mount) to adjust the NGS position on FLAO CCD47.

How to launch GUI

  • Go Applications -> Argos ?x -> argos telescope pointing tool
  • In command line of desktop terminal type: argos_?x_telescope_pointing_tool
Original version to launch (always good to keep in memory)
  1. Login on any obs machine (see UsefulLoginInfo)
  2. Go to cd /home/telescope/sallanson/pointnear/
  3. To start GUI type: ./paddle -s SX -o &


Features & usage of 'PTPADDLE' tab

  1. Click REFRESH before making any changes. This queries the latest data from the TCS
  2. Be sure to choose LEFT or RIGHT depending on which side you want to move
  3. The paddle buttons will move the star as seen on CCD47
  4. Use the slider in the middle to choose a step size in arcseconds
  5. When idle, click 'Lock' in the upper left so that you don't accidentally change the telescope pointing (disables paddle)

Further less relevant information can be found here:

Features & usage of 'PTSPIRAL' tab

The pointing spiral function might be of use if the star is too far off of the CCD47. You can find more info here:

Ask the operator if you're unsure if the pointing corrections will be sent to the optics or mount, or if you need guidance with the spiral
  • Binocular: sending corrections to one side sends them to the optics, sending to both sides sends them to the mount
  • Monocular: gets sent to the mount.

Following John Hill's e-mail of 13-03-2016:

Almost all the time (98%) when you spiral with the paddle, you should be spiralling BOTH sides to move the mount.  This is true even if you already see the star on the other side.  The reasons are: 
   i. moving the mount is x3 faster
   i. spiralling with the optics runs a risk of bumping into the travel limits of M1 and M2.

How to spiral with paddle tool:
  1. Spiral with paddle on BOTH until you see the star on 1 side.
  2. Write down IE/CA for that star.
  3. Continue to spiral BOTH until you find the star on the other side.
  4. Enter the correct IE/CA on each side.
  5. Resend your preset (to rebalance the optics tip-tilt).

-- MarcoBonaglia - 15 Mar 2016
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