How to Perform the Switch from Flao to ARGOS

*This HowTo may evolve with SOUL upgrades and other AO upgrades. At this time applies to SOULless ARGOS operations. On DX, ARGOS uses the KL_v26 modal basis and reconstructors which differs from the KL_v22 setup for FLAO operations. This requires and adsec configuration change that should be performed by a member of the AO group and should be coordinated in advance. *

The Arbitrator and other systems should be Powered up and have completed the "StartUp" at the start of the night, following the procedures outlined in HowToPerformArgosAoLoopInNightTime
  1. Turn off the wfs with a 'Power Off' in the WFS arbitrator. In the flao-dxwfs terminal logged in as user AOeng, perform a w_stop.
  2. In the lgsw-monit, stop the argos arbitrator (monit interface in argos-sx-lgsw:2812)
  3. Have the TO reauthorize as LUCI-ARGOS.
  4. Coordinate with the AOgroup to make the change from KL_v22 to KL_v26 adsec configurations. When reconfiguring the Adsec software will be stopped and restarted. To minimize conflicting processes the adsec should be brought up before restarting the WFS hardware and software, and the ARGOS Arbitrator.
  5. Once the adsec is configured, in a flao-dxwfs terminal logged in as user argos perform a w_start. Confirm everything comes up cleanly and completely with a w_check. Open the process menu with wfseng and bring up the WFS Arbitrator from the process menu. Power Up the wavefront sensor.
  6. Once the WFS is powered up, start the Arbitrator though the monit. Put the LAN and LAS in simulation. Power up. CHeck that the AOS connects during the Powerup, otherwise connect wonce the Power Up is complete. Setup and startup the LGSW. Bring the LAS and LAN out of simulation and hit Prepare.
  7. You are ready to Preset!

-- JenniferPower - 30 Jan 2019
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