How to start FLAO Pyramid WFS

  1. Login as "AOeng" into soul-dxwfs (or soul-sxwfs) and check if the WFS processes are running with w_check.If that is the case, stop the processes using w_stop. Log out.
  2. Login as "argos" into soul-dxwfs (or soul-sxwfs), see UsefulLoginInfo
  3. from terminal check the current status of the software:
  4. if the terminal says all processes are 'running and connected to Msgd' then skip to step iv. Otherwise start the software:
  5. start the WFS software interface:

  6. click on WFS Arbitrator GUI start button on WFS interface GUI.

    Screenshot-Wfs Control GUI.png Note: If you are running up the entire ARGOS system the WFS will automatically be set to operate when you 'Power Up' the system from the ARGOS Arbitrator. If not, click 'Operate' to start the WFS running.

  7. If everything is OK, start OCAM Cooling by clicking on "Request: AMBIENT"
  8. On the WFS Arbitrator GUI (WFS Control GUI) click on 'WFS Camera' to start the CCD47 Viewer.

  9. On the WFS Arbitrator GUI (WFS Control GUI) click 'Acquisition Camera' to start the CCD39 Viewer.

  10. to stop the WFS software when you are finished:

Some useful Pyr WFS commands:

  • Disable BCU47:
  • Restart software:,
  • Check SW status:

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